Tuesday , January 26 2021

He dived nearly 11% on his second day of trading on the New York Stock Exchange

Transport company on request Lout It was diving nearly 11% on Monday just fifteen minutes after trading on New York Stock Exchange on its second day quoting on Wall Street, with a floor of $ 69.12 for each of its titles.

Half an hour after starting the operations, the company collapsed, recovering a little, sold 10.08% to titles in the market for 70.40 dollars, below the initial price of 72 dollars and sat on Friday last for his appearance in the parquet and very far from the 87.24 dollars to his first quotation.

The investors are betting from the start by sales of technology titles in San Francisco (California) after a warm start on the stock market last Friday which closed with an increase of 8.74%, less than & # The expectation is around its exit to the markets.

In the initial prospectus filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the company set up an initial range of between $ 62 and $ 68 for more than 30 million shares held. Wall Street

However, the interest of the investors in the contact rounds before the company sold public money triggered its exit price.

Lyft came on Friday the first of the so-called "Unicorns" – companies worth more than 1,000 million dollars before trading on the market – to go public in 2019, when this year is also expected other Silicon jewelery will appear first Valley like Uber, Slack or Pinterest.

Despite achieving capitalization of over 24,000 million dollars, investors expressed reservations about a company that raised questions about the viability of its business model, because in 2018 it lost 911 million dollars with a turnover of 2,200 million.

As several analysts warned, investors showed more interest in offering proposals with a lot of expectation to sell later quickly, something that was shown early on Monday.

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