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"Have Zeo? Welcome to be …" – 06/12/2018


It always needs to be smaller so that the super-event of the year is played and the argument is growing more and more. This time the focus was on Darío Benedetto, who asked for the situation of Rafael Di Zeo and left a special phrase:"It's not a matter of players, I think it's a fan and if they've been able to do that, it will be something for us, it's welcome because it's the bar's historic leader."

Benedetto prohibited Di Zeo

"If they have been able to qualify, it will be something, we are welcome because it is the historical leader of the bar," said Boca assault. (Video: El Chiringuito TV)

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The argument turns around the authorization that head 12 was accepted to be able to attend the historic final. Not only in Argentina who produced many questions, but also in Spain, as the different media in the region of the name "Peligo!" or "Fear for the bars".

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Although he has access to the country, Di Zeo is on the list of Boca fans who have the right to be admitted, so they are not allowed to enter the stadium. However, Pipa does not reject her presence and welcome her …

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