Saturday , July 2 2022

Hantavirus has a sanitary warning statement only in Scope Area Esquel


The Chubut Health Ministry stated that Resolution No. 366/2018, signed by Monday by health portfolio holder, Adrián Pizzi, states the condition of a health warning across the territory that includes the jurisdiction of the Programming Bone State Department, for a period of 90 day, as the case of Hantavirus in the town of Epuyén takes place, all existing mechanisms and measures must be adopted and / or strengthened in order to prevent and respond to the treatment that said pathology in the directed area.

In turn, said the solution establishes that the Ministry of Health may adopt the technical, accounting and administrative measures within the jurisdiction and within the budget framework allocated, result in the effective provision of health services in the Area Esquel Programs, including the assignment of temporary functions in the cordilleran zone of personnel that rely on it with a seat in other cities of the province, under the terms and conditions of its statute.

Esquel Equivalent Area is one of the four health authority authorities, dependent on the State Health Ministry, where the territory of Chubut has to share, together with the Trelew Program Area, the North Program Area and South Program Area.


Issues that support the decision are the reports of the various Epidemiology and Esquel Area Provisional services, where an event of Hantavirus produced in the town of Epuyén is accounted for, and there is no Priority since 1996 in the Patagonia region; and in this sense, the sanitary condition of the province of Chubut, and in particular the North West zone, makes it necessary to adopt maximum surveillance, surveillance and control measures, as well as to adopt other procedures in technical aspects and in the administrative and non- Give him support.

Other important reasons were also mentioned: that the State must secure and secure without further delay providing the health service appropriately, providing all the necessary measures to meet & # 39 ; those needs; What reasons of opportunity, merit and convenience that advise to state the condition of a health warning across the territory of the Esquel Program Area; and said that health warnings suggest a suspected situation of risk to the health of the population and / or social transit, where urgent and effective public health action needs to be developed to inform the population.

The specified measure suggests the empowerment of different services to arbitration and auxiliary mechanisms that tend to ensure the normal functioning of the health service, including the transition and transformational impact to health dependencies Directorate Esquel Provincial District of the professionals of expertise or wholesalers with a seat of functions in other services, in terms of their respective labor regimes, add regulations.

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