Friday , August 19 2022

Hackers infected thousands of ASUS computers with the latest update


In a sophisticated operation of directed spying, hackers infect tens of thousands of computers from Taiwan ASUS brand with harmful software by introducing the company's online automatic update, security researchers said Monday.

Kaspersky Lab, Russia's cyber security company, said that find 57,000 infections among customers from its anti-virus software. He estimated that the hat could have affected more than a million computers in the world's fifth largest computer company.

The malware software was designed to open a "back door" for infected computer intruders, the researchers said. About 50% of infectious computers that had Kaspersky antivirus said in Russia, Germany and France, said the company. Less than 5% of the equipment affected was in the United States.

Speaker for Symantec, Another security software company said that around 13,000 of its anti-virus clients received the harmful updates.

The internet news website Motherboard he was the first to report the attack.

Kaspersky said that the software was infected on ASUS Live Update servers between June and November, and that it had been submitted with legal certificates. The company didn't find the malware until January, when it added the new capabilities to its anti-virus software the said.

Kaspersky said that his researchers were determined that the malware had been programmed for selective espionage. after they see it has been designed to receive a second load of malicious software for certain computers based on unique identifiers of their network connections. He noted more than 600 computers programmed to receive that second harmful load.

In a blog and answers to questions sent by e-mail, the company said that the nature of the second malicious software load was not known, as the server that sent the message was no longer active.

Kaspersky said that although it was too early to know who was responsible for the operation, it was similar to an incident that happened in 2017 and that Microsoft blamed a group supported by the Chinese government that the company called it. BARIUM.

ASUS did not respond immediately to two e-mails requesting comments.

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