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Gustavo Yankelevich was amazing and wrote a sharp letter – 02/22/2019

The prestigious producer Gustavo Yankelevich, who is leading the box office in Mar del Plata with "Sugar" It was incredible and he wrote a very difficult public letter to the Economy and Finance Secretary of that city, Hernán Mourelle.

The work

The "Sugar" play the box office in Mar del Plata.

Nowadays, in Mar del Plata there was great promotion before the idea of ​​installing a rate to theatrical properties by the publications they are exhibiting. Producers were distressed with that measure. However, that's not exactly what led to that Gustavo Yankelevich to listen to her complaint but the concepts expressed by Mourelle in a radial circle. Then, the Economy and Finance Secretary said "There is a sector swallow as the commercial theater takes advantage of the infrastructure and how many people come to Mar del Plata to make a fundraiser and earn a lot of money"

Unlucky with those words, Gustavo Yankelevich he went to answer Mourelle with "Sugar"it will not take" a lot of money "and despite the support of the governor of the province, María Eugenia Vidal and others, you will not be able to recover the investment you made.

Stock Image Dehonglir Federico D ', Elía, Laurita Fernández a Vico DAlessandro

Stock Image Federico D 'Elia, Laurita Fernández to Vico DAlessandro interpret "Sugar" in Mar del Plata.

Here's the full text of the letter what Gustavo Yankelevich The Economy and Finance Secretary addressed Mar del Plata, Hernán Mourelle and who chose to spread through the "La Capital" newspaper:

"Dear Mr. Mourelle, I read your statements regarding the Mar del Plata season theatrical activity and I feel that you have to answer you, because it's certain that a good man like you , who has no intentions, loses some information to publicly state that the transport sector is the theater that exploits the infrastructure and how many people come to Mar del Plata to make a fundraiser and earn a lot of money as they've done (for) decades in the Plata ".

I want to tell you that I am an entrepreneur of the TV and theater show for more than 50 years, and I said to Mar del Plata since 1984, I have never won money with "Mesa de Noticias" (summer & # 84; 84 a & # 39; 85), I had lost money with comedy that was very successful in Buenos Aires as "Le Prenom" and he was not interested in compromising important investment for this season with "Sugar".

After asking the governor of Buenos Aires, Maria Eugenia Vidal, who asked us, because a title as successful as "Sugar" could be a tourist attraction that chose to come and spend summer in this city. For that reason, we decided to come to produce this term.

I want to tell you, Mr. Mourelle, said the governor had collaborated through the Banco Provincia with a number of shows so that the summer board table was well represented and that the Carlos Rottemberg theater entrepreneur had given us our free Neptune room, with the same purpose as the Governor: board board of the Mar del Plata theater. Also, Mr. Aldrey Churches is of benefit to us with great economic attention at the Hermitage Hotel and its location.

Despite the above, our production will not regain the investment made. We are talking about the number one show in fundraising and one of the most rewarding winners at the Estrella de Mar Awards and, nevertheless, none of us were enough to regain our investment .

That is why Mr Mourelle, I feel bound, just as you had the opportunity to say that "a transportation sector as a commercial theater exploits the infrastructure to earn a lot of money", to say that the community of Mar del Plata You must know that everything is not gold is great, and knowing your honesty will know how to repair the damage you made to theater businessmen with & # 39; Your statements (I will give you all the administration of Sugar to see and analyze).

The advertised rate of the advert is not seen in the theatrical property means anything in economic terms, but we feel that it is a pet towards those who are bet to invest money and effort to keep Mar del Plata as the capital of the summer show.

No further, I'll say goodbye to you with all respect and consideration, Gustavo Yankelevich. "

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