Thursday , August 18 2022

Guardiola: "We are not yet ready to fight for the Champions League"


In the day yesterday, the Manchester City He made his appearance in the last eight UEFA Champions League. After starting to lose 2 to 0 before Schalke 04 in the Veltins-Arena, the instructive and tactical team Josep Guardiola Starly starred to stay with the win on a German soil. However, Spain's ideas after the game are not positive. Through a press conference, the native Santpedor showed his dissatisfaction with regard to his pupils' performance.

In the first instance, FC Barcelona's former coach made it clear that if his team is playing this way, it's very difficult for the Citizens to win the Champions Cup: " The result is incredible. That's very good, but we agreed two goals and we had a red card, and at this level we have no chance to stay with the title, we are not still ready to fight for the Champions League, after the red card, if they had pushed a few ms and had identified one or more more goals, I believe we will not continue to compete in the competition. "

In that way, Pep acknowledged that his directors gave a character sample, but kept the warning, as ninety minutes in favor of the Etihad Stadium were still behind. "We played well, but we lost a lot of simple balls that we could not miss in such an important competition … This has not happened, I hope our supporters can help us in the form and hope we can improve in the future, "he explained.

With regard to both penalties against Manchester City and the dissolution of Nicols Otamendi, Guardiola was clear: "I am a great fan of the VAR, the first is a penalty and the second is also, but not & Play in the second one. Nicol's dissolution is fair, the VAR still needs time, the next time it will work better. "

Finally, the Spanish reiterated his sayings about what he thinks about the tie, while praising two of his players. "As I said, this has not come to an end, we put a lot of edge to stay in the game, the game was good, in the second half, we played with incredible personality, as in Anfield, when we ; n losing between 3 and 0. Finally a show of character on behalf of some players, such as Leroy Sane and Raheem Sterling, "has closed the trainer.

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