Thursday , January 21 2021

“Great, I worshiped”: Dan Breitman and Flor Anca stunned a “Cantando 2020” jury with their performance

Since Dan Breitman he lost the stage fright he had at first «Singing 2020«, The famous one became one of the competition’s most prominent personalities. In addition to his vocal talents, he tends to entertain everyone with his prospects. In yesterday’s session, the copy a Flor Anca, they surprised everyone by singing the song “Cabaret”, a musical classic that is a challenge for many artists to interpret.

The first to analyze the performance was Nacha Guevara, who appreciated the couple’s effort. «It was good, but it was missing. It’s a hard, intense subject. It’s a huge challenge, in the sense that I salute you. You also have to see that a song like this needs a lot of practice, not a small song by Ricardo Arjona, ha, this is deeper, but I celebrate the enthusiasm and take risks, ”he said.

While, Karina The Little Princess was the jury personality of the «Singing 2020»Who appreciated the challenge they faced most Dan Breitman Y. Flor Anca. “I loved what I saw, they are my favorite partner because they seem to me to be the most accomplished artists,” said the tropical artist, who regards the comedian as one of the favorites to win the reality show.

For its part, Oscar Mediavilla he analyzed: «This song is very emblematic, very strong, it’s a tough fight. But despite that, and some detail, it seems to me that they have done the task. It’s not just any fish that can mess with this song, you did well, you put your mark on it, it was nice to see you ».

Moria Casán, owner of the secret ballot, forcefully: “Great, I was worshiped.” Therefore, Dan Breitman Y. Flor Anca they combined as one of the best couples of this gala. On the show on Monday, it was couples who appeared on the leading reality track Angel de Brito Y. Laurita Fernandez were: Rocío Quiroz and Rodrigo Tapari, Carmen Barbieri and Mariano Zitto, Flor Torrente and Miguel Hersch, and Breitman and Anca.

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