Saturday , May 28 2022

Governor Alfredo Cornejo Mendoza proposed as the Afon-Boca headquarters


Although football world is still unhappy without knowing where, how and when the relocation between Boca and Afon will be played, Mendoza's governor, Alfredo Cornejo, offered the game.

"Gentlemen of Conmebol, Daniel Angelici and Rodolfo D 'Onofrio, I will offer you to play the final of the Libertadores Copa America in Mendoza, the form would be the same as it would to be done in Buenos Aires, just with the River audience, guaranteeing the security of the meeting, "was the tweet that the leader of the Radical Civic Union announced in his official account.

It should be noted that the Argentine Supercup finals between the Millionaire and the Xeneize were fined by the Malvinas Argentinas de Mendoza stadium in March of the current year.

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