Friday , May 27 2022

Google Maps is updated with the function that Waze made famous


In recent years, Google has re-evaluated its efforts to improve its Google Maps navigation application with new tools. Still in the test period, the last one has aimed at motorists.

There is a function that tells of accidents and speed controls, and then uses public data to create more efficient routes for other drivers or warn them about the dangers that come to it.

Police and Police have been notified by the Police a few months ago, but it has now begun to appear on the devices of a selected number of users who use Google Maps.

If you are one of them, you will see a new report button with a "+" inside a dialog balloon in the lower left part of the Maps screen.

In order to implement it, you have to touch it and add details so that the rest users can find out about the events that could stop normal traffic.

It is striking that this feature has recently argued in Maps, as it was one of the keys to the success of Waze, the navigation application that Google received in 2013.

If the test version is useful for Google Maps functionality and is popular with consumers, we can expect the feature to be extended to all in a short time.

However, as with all the tests, there is no guarantee that error reports or speed drapes will appear in a future update.

Google seems to have been more busy than ever, adding a series of new features to Maps.

Only in the last month, a "Follow" button was added to the Android version so that you can track your favorite businesses and be the first to hear about things like special offers and forthcoming events.

Real-time iPhone travel tracking has also included (already Android has), as well as better navigation for less stress travel, reviews to guide consumers on where to eat and locations for electric charging stations.

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