Quick Couple I've published the previous year and there is a series of specifications that Google makes it easier for device manufacturers to make headphones and Bluetooth speakers connect much faster and with a simple matching process for users.

Today, Google has updated Fast Pair so that smartphones and Android tablets that are connected to the same account share the connection settings Bluetooth.


This means that they will automatically connect to any other phone or smart that uses the same Google account when pushing a headset to a phone. That's simple

Fast Pair will be compatible with Android 6.0 onwards and in 2019 on Chromebooks

A Quick Couple will work with every device with Android 6.0 and above, and promises to add support in 2019 for the Chromebooks In addition, Google has been working with manufacturers like Jaybird, The Bose a Anker SoundCore, so your future products include these new specifications and are compatible with Fast Pair.

In other words, stay short-term for producing headphones and good speakers that will facilitate Bluetooth connections between Android phones. Of course, we will have to wait to see if this technology is better, or at least the same, that Apple includes W1 chips in their AirPods.

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