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Google improves synchronization between Bluetooth devices


Google Pixel Buds

Google has just updated Fast Pair, the technology that has developed to improve and facilitate the pair between Bluetooth wireless accessories with Android devices, allowing now also to be able to share the connection.

Rapid Plumbing and Google are introducing improvements in its paras system

Since the USB-C standard starts moving to ports jack for headphones 3.5 mm at all smartphones, the makers started offer other types of alternatives to users, such as wireless headphones with Bluetooth technology.

Google, for example, offers Pixel Buds: its offer for smart wireless headphones made by Google what Support Assistant and be one of the starlights of the Pixel 3, the new flag of the Mountain View.

Google Pixel 3 Base with USB C

The truth is that this technology change has caused the maker to increase their efforts by facilitating the matching of this type of headphones with mobile phones through a Bluetooth connection.

That's why introduced new technology, Fast Pair, a year ago, which allows you to connect Bluetooth headphones with Android devices in a simple, fast and secure way. Now, through its official blog announcement, it has announced improvements in the system.

Fast Pair will be compatible with Chromebooks next year

With Fast Pair, Google is coming to solve consumer lives: just by bringing a pair of headphones with this technology to an Android device, the system immediately announces matching match and connect both devices to the moment.

In this way, the separation gap that still resists the adoption of this type of technology is also reduced. Quick Couplings use BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to find the devices.

In particular, the improvements published by the men of Mountain View are connected to -now- users who can use and continue their devices with their Google accounts share the connection with other compatible devices with Android 6.0 or above and with the latest version of Google Play Service.

In addition, the manufacturer also announced that the technology It will be compatible with Chromebooks from 2019, so that those with them will benefit from this measure. Similarly, the manufacturer said that he was working with other industry players to bring a Quick Couple to new compatible devices.

Finally, as highlighted by the Android Authority, Mountain View also works alongside Airoha, BES and Qualcomm. add native support and software development packages (SDK) and, in that way, extend the standard.

Surely, the time comes when we'll beat our Bluetooth headphones with us smartphones Be something as simple as to connect to a port jack 3.5 mm.

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