Friday , August 19 2022

Gold and a round pass in the MX Cup


Golds of Sinaloa I had the unexpected. Y team led by Diego Armando Maradona He qualified for the MX Round of 16 Cup and is one of the three promotional clubs that are distributed to this case in the Mexican tournament. The 1-1 Argentine star team with Quertaro, a club that plays in the highest category of Aztec football, and sells it to the next round.

Y set or Culiacn He had this valuable picture that allowed him to qualify in a duel that was not so favorable. The set of Argentine star started with Amaury Escoto, which has a powerful out of area shot before the local team on the score score. The joy will last a bit for the team from Former Argentine coach since the visit was the same.

Daniel Lajud, who gave the game came when he was nine minutes waiting for the end of the first half. Quertaro was better in supply, however, the place team knew how to play Ronaldinho failed in the definition and could not take the prize that would have been given in the next case.

Y Diego team He ended up as Group C leader. There were two victories, one draw and one leak so finished with seven points in his area. Ace, over to Zacatepec, the other team of the group, who had six units and who in the case of defeating Sinaloa all had ensured that they had been distributed by the goal difference.

Now, the team Diego Armando Maradona has measured Atlas in the last 16. However, the real goal of the Culiacn team is to get into the playoffs to get the promotion to the First Division. Something that today seems far away since Dorados was in the championship championship.

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