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Gloria Carra reported that she had been abused by 18 – 12/17/2018


After the brave statements by Thelma Fardin denotes cutting in hands Juan Darthés when I was only 16 years old, Many women feel powerful and they follow the example of encouraging themselves to tell their situation.

In this sense, this time was the one who talked about the subject Gloria Carrámom moments Angela Torres, composer Simona at El Trece, the last strip where Darthés happened to work.

Gloria Carrá with her daughter, Ángela Torres, who worked in her

Gloria Carrá with her daughter, Ángela Torres, who worked on "Simona" with Darthés.

In dialogue with the program Agarrate Catalina or La Once Ten, the actress told Catalina Dlugi how she lives this subject. "I was really worried by Thelma's statement, I was part of the program and I did not imagine it. But these people have, they hide. "

However, in part of the note the bloom was more and more encouraged He noted tremendous personal experience he has to live in the middle with only 18 years old.

"It gives me much impotence and sadness what Thelma had to prove. Things that happened to me were eighteen when I was treated by a producer"he said.

"I used to say that you know me as a little girl & # 39;. The subject I am talking about in today's therapy. These things are not omitted. If the woman could not be close to this person, she abused minor, "he said without giving more detail about that producer's identity than He has marked his life forever.

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