Friday , August 12 2022

Givova and international paper with Venezuela


Y Venezuelan football team I had to do work against the clock to go out and play the friendly against Catalonia. And everything was to be expected, according to Venezuelan footballers, to be irresponsible Givova, the brand you saw Vinotinto.

It's not like the original shirts arrived for that game, so it became "vinotinto" shirts, but from another brand.

The clothes used are the Quechua brand (the shirt is worth 10 euro). The Venezuelan Football Federation coat of arms was added, as was the name of Givova.

However, the Venezuelan national team football players could not include themselves in front of such an inflammation and publish on social networks what happened.

This year, Givova He made his landing in the country as patron. T Workshops (in the Superliga) and Ferro (in National B).

Givova Spain responded that the failure was not longer and that they would transfer the claim to Italy, where the headquarters of the brand.

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