Thursday , September 29 2022

Germn Herrera was again threatened with death


The classic between Rosario Canol a Newells Old Boys for the last quarter of Argentine Cup It was more than just a football match. El Canalla defeated his 2-to-1 archrival and developed into the semifinals of the domestic tournament. However, after completing the game, some graffiti fans in the vicinity of the house. Germn Herrera, author of one of the goals of Academi Rosarina.

At that time, according to the evidence of the inhabitants of the place, a group of Lepros supporters wrote on the phrase on a wall "Herrera will die". The fact that justice was transferred but not even those involved in the threat. After that situation, Herrera, who was frightened at the beginning, had fulfilled his life with an absolute average. However, on Wednesday morning, the graffiti was repeated.

In the previous match between Rosario Central and Gymnastics and Fencing of La Plata for the final case of the Argentine Cup, Germnius returned to receive inscription threats that said: "Tocyn Sos, Herrera and her daughter". It was made with spray paint, in the same place as the previous one. He went ahead to the fact that before the justice began the police investigated finding the perpetrators.

According to different sources, there will be two video surveillance cameras in the area that will work with the cause to stop those associated with it. Once again, it is assumed that the attackers will be the supporters of Newells Old Boys. The attacker turned three goals to his classical competitor in the last three last tricks played between them.

Germn Herrera will have to clear his mind and focus on the commitment that his team needs to face on Thursday. Academi Rosarina is playing the final of the Argentine Cup against the Wolf in Mendoza. Chaco will integrate the deputy bench, as the assailant is not part of his club's final conflicts, as a result of the muscle injury suffered when Rosario Central was facing Attilico Tucumn by Argentina Superliga

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