Sunday , August 7 2022

Genetically modified mosquitoes to finish malaria create fear in ecologists


A scientific team promotes the tests to achieve genetically modified mosquitoes to increase and marital distinction That would finish malaria with each specimen of a species itself.

Since the beginning of this month, these researchers have started large-scale trials with these insects in a laboratory in Nerni (Umbria, Italy) specially built for the occasion, reporting to the United States NPR radio station.

The idea is that once these mosquitoes have been proven to have been safely modified and effective to dispose of their own species, some can be released in African villages that have been plagued by malaria

"It will be a truly innovative experiment," said entoologist Ruth Muller, who runs the laboratory and estimates that he "historic seconds".

Due to this genetic adjustment, women suffer a type of hermaphroditism: their mouth is larger, they can not bend and, therefore, they can not spread malaria.

However, there is a great concern potential "devastating" effects that "experimental technology" would have it on the environment, said Dana Perls, member of the Friends of the Earth organization.

"We have a technology that we do not know how it will end, we need to stop it now," said Nnimmo Bassey, director of the Mother Earth Health Organization in Nigeria. "They are trying to use Africa as a great laboratory to experience dangerous technologies."

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