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Gallardo: “I don’t know how many want another River-Boca final”


After beat Godoy Cruz 3-1 in Avellaneda, Marcelo gallardo put his head back in the Copa Libertadores. On the one hand he mentioned Nacional, his first experience as a DT and a competitor in the quarterfinals already starting. But he also answered about an ultimate definition against Boca, something set this week by players like Toto Salvio or Cardona.


Final River – Boca at Libertadores: “There’s a lot of unhealthy, a lot at stake, I don’t know how many have that sincere thing … You can talk, but I don’t know how many want to play that game yet. We’re aiming for the final, we don’t know if it’s going to hit us. How many want a final of this size yet, I love it, I’m not escaping that. But it would be disrespectful believe that we are going to reach the final when competitors are still so difficult to overcome. Talking about that today seems unfair to me … with the others. . “

Godoy Cruz: “A dynamic game, intense for both, with a lot reaching both goals. We were able to make the goals we had, but the game didn’t end and they didn’t go down, I’m happy.”

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Nacho Fern√°ndez: “He has to regain his level, for us it’s very important. Today he had to make it play so he could add minutes and build more confidence.”

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Pratto: The bear mode is back

Zuculini: “I’m happy with Bruno, a player who’s been waiting for his chance and getting it in the last few games. We incorporated him into the middle of the field to drop a grip and he hits more than the 9. He had several last weeks and today it was given to him. I’m very happy for him, because he was very positive for the group and was able to show a good level. “

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Zuculini: o "I felt comfortable in the situation" in "sorry" and Measurement

Minute the river: “We started long after the inactivity and the long stop. It was also because of the good energy that had to be played again, which was very encouraging from the start for many. After that there was a normal decline, we felt It was even normal to think that We weren’t going to be able to maintain that intensity.The last few games with Paranaense deserved a little further, but we didn’t have the power of definition. because they stand up, a friction-free game, from the Cup.If we don’t settle to play those games, we lose. going to weight when they play us equally, but we have to get used to playing differently. On the balance sheet we’re pretty good. “

Applicant? “The team has gained respect for all these years and for what it continues to show, it is not easy to maintain that presence for so long, and the team continues to do so, beyond unusual things, it’s more normal with context, without an audience It’s completely different, it’s a very difficult year for everyone Argentina teams have shown a good image and that’s because of a mindset great Argentinian footballer.

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The pictures of River's victory against Godoy Cruz

Carrascal: “It depends on the players, the players ask you for minutes. If a player from that category got the most out of it, I’d put it at the beginning. He has talent , today he played from scratch and had nothing else .. when the opponent is fat, when the defenses are more exposed, he has a great desire to improve but he is not yet ready to play a game with great intensity. If he shows he wants to play more minutes and train for that and makes a difference in it more than 30 minutes, he’s a great player for me. “

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A very ugly cut with lots of Dimensioni blood

Liberals: “It’s in our DNA. Beyond what we’ve experienced, when we start competing and see that Cup we like so much and that motivates us, there’s a whole method It’s not easy, I like playing with the public, it’s another sport. Playing on empty courts is something else. However, we have to concentrate. we are getting more involved and there we are. This is the message and the players want to play it in a very special way. “

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The one by one of River versus Godoy Cruz

“Not only do we have to believe, the team has shown faith that to be able to sustain itself, beyond playing better or worse, we are a tough team for anyone. later we will see if it reaches us, we need the hierarchy and talent of our players, let them show their best version in these decisive games. We hope to finish the year in the best way possible, in the 4 upper. “

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There is a bank in the seed bed

National: “It’s going to be tough, I know what it is, I know his culture, his personality, the Uruguayan footballer will fight, they’ll run a lot, protect themselves and leave their skin there. it is going to be an easy game, we have to prepare for it the best way possible, it will always be in my heart, it was the end of my career as a footballer and the beginning as a coach. inside the warmth with which they treated me. ”

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Maradona: “I was very young when I realized that the ball was going to be a part of my life. In that 86 World Cup, I loved the ball and thanked the image Diego showed us. The love that to the Argentine shirt, to give us the joy He gave us. He made me love football. Beyond casual encounters with him, I always felt him very Argentine, ours . It is with great sadness that he left us so early. “

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