Monday , September 26 2022

From video games to movies: the three worst adjustments


We already know that the names of movie names can be "tremendous". But sometimes the obstruction is not idiomatic only: serious "wonders" are also committed when passing from one format to another. In this area, there are some movies have been based on video games and here we show you the worst.

In this note, we will talk about three films inspired by the world gamer and they were an unexpected biasco. The list, which will lose many other failures, will start with stumble one of the best stars of video games.

When the water plumber made

This week it was confirmed Mario Bros. He will have an animated film itself. Although it will be necessary to be patient: it will only be released in 2022, as confirmed by an interview Diversity.

But in the past, the Nintendo plumber has rigid stain: we talk about the movie Super Mario Bros. from & year 1993. In a few seconds of a trailer (see below) you can check that The result was very weird. Mario, Luigi and all the characters and the game represented by humans. And the beautiful Yoshi is a terrible dinosaur!

Before, in 1986, Mario had an animated version. But it will be better to continue to stop punishing.

Better in the dark …

Yes, it would have been more convenient for him to stay in the shadows. In 2005, the movie Alone in the Dark, based on the fourth installment of the game Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare.

Although it counts on the direction of Uwe Boll, who was working in other modifications of videojuegos, the result was not highly approved … contrary to the opposite. In fact, it appears among the worst 100 movie movies in a site developed by iMDb.

"What came to the end of the screen is a movie that has no genre to define: it's not a horror or a drama, or a comedy, as much as the script is ineffective , full of stereotypes, hackney expressions and characters that can not sleep more than 10 consecutive words, "says the site in its criticism Hobby consoles.

He's fighting

This trio of Worst games based on games have to complete with Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, a sequel to the year 1997. Fancy & the famous battle game agrees that this second part is much worse compared to the first part released two years of & # 39; in front.

In this case he relied on the game Mortal Kombat 3. In the trailer you will see visual effects that are scared, even for the year the movie came to screens. Graphics figure how bad it was: he had a budget of 30 million dollars and was shortened to pay for the investment.

In any case, these movies (and many others based on video games that collect boos) are also a good excuse to put the "ironic" to the ironic use, so fashionable at this time.

And what do you think? What other movie would you add to this site?

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