Tuesday , January 26 2021

From Health recommends not to go to Paraguay to access a new dengue serotype for Argentina

From Health recommends not to go to Paraguay to access a new dengue serotype for Argentina

The Ministry of Health recommended the province to avoid traveling to the Foz de Iguazú area because of the high incidence of the disease. He announced that Argentina had entered DEN 4, which was an existing serotype in the country and imported from those areas.

Walter Villalba, Health Minister. Urban Radio Posadas.

Endless efforts and avoiding visiting the affected areas are some of the recommendations given by Walter Villaba, the state's Health Minister, who is concerned about the fact that a new Denot serotype has come into the country.

He warned that the DEN-4 had no presence in Argentina and that cases had already been registered. He explained that what is worrying is that those who have already had a dengue (DEN-1) and who contract this type of dengue will be more at risk of production t the most severe effects of the disease.

"Again the northern zone has a rebound of dengue (…) beyond having a large number of cases – which usually keeps us awake – we are worried about the appearance of seroty 04".

So, "we encourage the population to be more attentive than other circumstances". And they should avoid going to paraguay.

"We only have the cases of Den 04 which are imported from Foz de Iguazú and Paragguay area, and those traveling to these areas should be very careful ( …) If you can avoid going to paraguay right now would be good if people didn't go so far and avoid circulating in the moments where you get more illnesses early in the morning and the afternoon (…) The recommendation is to try not to move to these places unless it is absolutely necessary. "

Holy Week

He said they were expecting a revival in Easter, although they claimed that this was already happening. "There are usually a large number of cases in February and then a fall and a revival and this happened just before that date and it will be pinned during a holy week."


About this disease he said he was in an endemic area, there are still many cases. However, due to awareness work, he said it had fallen by 20% year on year.

In the case of vaccines, he said they were still waiting for the nation's provision and hoping that some doses will arrive in the first few weeks. "The state's immunization system is one of the most prominent and historically this has characterized us (…) we have to make it clear that it is not our responsibility to provide a provision of We are concerned that we have some diseases in the category of being declared as viral circulation again as rubella, "he said. T


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