Monday , October 3 2022

Fortnite's new creative way presents its behavior sheet –


As you know well, this day, Epic Games showing the sandbox & # 39; new from Fortnite, where we can create our own and play with our friends and friends. To make this an enjoyable experience, a series of rules were made publicly on the official website that all users will have to follow.

The list in question is still incomplete, so we have to be alert to any update, because in case a player breaks these rules, development team asks us to report, or we are contacting support for the player The rules are the following:

1. Respect other players. Differential language, hate speech, tricks, spam and any other type of harassment or behavior considered inappropriate are prohibited.

2. Keep our information safe. Sharing our account with other users can put us at risk.

3. Be friendly and have fun!

As well as these basic behaviors, they also leave us a second list where they talk about what we can do and not in relation to the game:


  • Make the brand known. Fortnite is fun and welcomes all players.
  • Respect other players and be nice in both wins and defeat.
  • Keep our information safe.
  • Play fairly and follow the rules of the game.
  • Use the official names of Fortnite for all weapons, costumes, points of interest and items.

Do not do it

  • Resort to speech, gambling, spam, harassment, discrimination or other illegal behavior.
  • After too much spam
  • Create or display pornographic content associated with Fornite.
  • Dispose of any Epic or third party party copyright or trademark; another.
  • Promote or take part in games of Fortnite-related chance.
  • Take part in any actions that, in a single and unique determination of Fortnite, get illegal money from the game or by any player.

What do you think about the new game mode? Remember to follow the rules and have fun!

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