Tuesday , May 24 2022

Fortnite is updated to version 6.31: these are all new features – Nintenderos.com


Another day, Tour have updated to a new version. This time it's all about version 6.31, which contains some interesting news.

We leave you with the information that Epic Games split:


Drop yourself into fun with a brand new limited time mode or take advantage of the new news in the shot shot shot. Reveal R.O.S.I.E. with a new first build company and enjoy reaching the second deed of Valle Latoso!

MTL: Team Scrimmage (Battle Royale)
Everything is ready for the hecatom? Become the first team to eliminate 100 enemies to win a critical victory in this limited time.


Gunglud epic and legendary slides (Battle Royale)
Find new oddities slippery and make your enemies run with dogs.




Lack of bug

  • Set up an error that caused the order to give the best response when trying to send a whisper to a friend.
  • A crash in PS4 that happened when a player was trying to leave a group when joining another.


Do you want to stick to the most important issues in the community? Well, go through our plan of Trello Fortnite Community issues here.


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