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Fortnite celebrates unexpected Christmas and New Year during the next 14 days – 12/18/2018


Just as they did during Halloween, map of Fornite change for Christmas a New Year and he will have it decorations intrusive to the parties, other than motivated old spirit, just like in real life.

At the beginning of this Wednesday, the Epic Games are launching "14 days of Fortnite", which will be two weeks Celebrations where he will celebrate the great year of the game of the moment.

"Christmas has come Royale Battle and the map shows in many ways, "says the text published on the game's website, which you anticipate can" and throw it snow"or hide" in a legendary shrub with Christmas lights after jumping from Christmas fight bus"

"As well as change image On the map, the 14-day Fortnite event will include a new challenge with a free daily prize. There will also be old and new methods every day. And finally, do not forget to look at the shop to see the old and new Christmas dresses which appears every day to show your Christmas spirit. They will have to login every day to see the new content! ", Announces statement.

On the other hand, Save the world It has also stimulated the spirit of Christmas with old and new thematic enemies. "Join your friends fight the Christmas pears on a winter map", invite the game.

The game map changes according to the spirit of time.

The game map changes according to the spirit of time.

"Every day It will reveal a new Christmas mission That will be added to your mission log. If they complete, they will get it snow bank tickets which they can use in the store. You will find an invaluable free piñata flame in the store every day, and do not forget to look for it call potourium for free That will be available for a few days from December 25, "published from Epic Games.

The company is searching for it Take advantage of the large number of new consoles and computers given during the holidays. December 25 will be a key day, where many players will join, eager to release their new gadgets, and Epic Games will be stay with open arms.

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