Friday , December 4 2020

Former actor Ugly Duckling says more about her complaint about harassment against production

After notifying the acute complaint of rape o Thelma Fardn against Juan Darths, Many former colleagues on the famous strip Wild They went out to give their evidence in the mass media and social networks. One of the first was Griselda Siciliani, Eva de Dominici, Laura Esquivel, Camila Salazar, among the most outstanding. However, in the last hours a new story of one of the men in the cast was released.

It's about Rodrigo Velilla, The actor and also ran the trip to Nicaragua in 2009, where the terrible events occurred. In an interview in "Pamela and la tarde", on the Amrica TV screen, the young devel before the cameras was in the working conditions and it was a great surprise. "I saw rare situations of physical violence," he secured without a filter, and said he was on the production side.

"I adapted, I did Violetta, and then I started making music, always with some say, if it's my fault," Velilla explained in the pic of Pamela David. Then he went on to say "there was a conflict of parents against these producers, sometimes they let us record until late or more than the estimated time." Actors were taking action, but there was so much barrier, "he said.

He also ensured that he was also psychological abuse, as they threatened to leave them off the strip for any aspect that they did not want and expected, so the children did not talk about it. "You go, you're complaining, and they say you know how many boys do you have to put yourself in your role, "he said.

In terms of attracting Thelma against Darths, Rodrigo reflected on the effects generated during the last hours: "I do not know who is on the other side and there is a dishonor in what he told me and what he did. I said that, Most importantly we're creating a woman who says this, a man who says this & # 39; & # 39 ;.

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