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For the third consecutive month there was a trade balance with Brazil


For the third consecutive month, Argentina's and Brazilian registered balance in exchange of commercial goods, after the decrease in the value of the pressure Argentina, is much higher than what Brazil is really shown.

In that sense, he was in the Argentine exchange rate the end of April on the most advantageous equality of the weight against the real one September 2014.

According to Central Bank Multilateral Exchange Rate Index (ITCRM) between May and November, the Brazilians really showed appreciation close to 30% about Argentina's sweat.

According to the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Brazilian Services, in November exports Argentina arrived in the neighboring country USD 930 million, through totaling within 933 million imports of dollars.

"The evidence decrease in shortcomings trading with Brazil as a result of the increase in exports who looks have driven by the increase in the exchange rate, a chan Significant drop in imports because of the recession that already covers almost every production sector ", it was exchanged Research for Traders.

In the meantime, imports Argentine finers accumulate USD 15,006 million in one month of 2018, to add a trade deficit of USD 4,822 million between January and November, with Drop 34.5% compared to 2017 (USD 7,364 million by November).

In September Argentina had the past Commercial surplus with Brazil no the first time since November 2014. They were USD 6 million marginal, with exports to the main trading partner for USD 933 million (+ 13% year on year), which were higher than imports, by USD 927 million (-35%).

In October The balance of trade balance with Brazil was Negative for Argentina in USD 70 millionone tenth part of the deficit registered in October 2017. Then imports fell again (-37.4% year on year), while sales in the neighboring country grew to 8.1%.

"In 2019, anticipating an extension of import contract route, we see the Reduce by half, to the Llanelli area USD 2,000 million", they point out of

Argentina arrives through 2017 with a lack of record in global exchange of goods, when totals USD 8,471 million. Almost all this imbalance could be explained by trade with Brazil, a deficit for USD 8,187 million and last year


there are two items which is central to understanding the prejudice change in the commercial exchange between Argentina and Brazil. The first is that decline in agricultural production and derived industries, which negatively affected the volumes marketed by our country in 2018.

As the Argentine sale i Brazil only incorporates wheat as an agricultural exporter, this depression "makes a sales immune to the drought effect, so removing imports is more intense translated into commercial red correction, "explained

In contrast, in the composition of the export portfolio of bilateral trading with Brazil, Manufactured goods are almost double to totals for each destination. Promptly the automotive production, parts and supplies means almost half the exchange Among the Mercosur partners.

"By focusing, we see that the imports (Argentina) of motor vehicles of travelers coming declined since June Seamlessly In this case, the reduction in buying these vehicles, which is they come in more than 70% of Brazil, it can be attributed to drop in at home in the context of losing the power of buying the real salary and the impact of negative wealth given by the Increase in imported goods before the reduction in the value of the weight, "said a report by PwC Argentina.

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