Tuesday , August 9 2022

Flower of the V opens if you're joining the 2019 Dancing: S, I got the offer and


Every year, there are producers Dancing they are looking for the best components to make sure the program succeeds completely. And in 2019, they became more difficult as the circle led by Marcelo Tinelli celebrated his 30th anniversary. That's why, very early, they start with all the preparations and good news reveals more data of what's coming.

Last week, Brito's gaze said that the magnificent jury members will be: Marcelo Polino, Pampita, Florence Pea and l. On the other hand, Lourdes Snchez, the wife of Chato Prada (ShowMatch producer) announced the first 7 to call the show that they are: Macarena Rinaldi, Flowers & V, Dalia Gutman, Natalie Prez, Karina, the small princess, Beto Casella and Nicole Neumann.

None of the seven potential competitors gave a statement, apart from Flor. "Yes, I got the offer, we started talking to El Chato about a month ago, and I was surprised, if you asked me, I had not thought about this year, I was concentrating on Buenos Aires. , Flor de Tarde's new season launch and I was going to take a vacation, I continued the reflection in Flor de Tarde.

Later, I added: But I started to think that 30 years of ShowMatch, with all that mean, is a program that goes through the history of our society and changed much of what was the beginning What happened last year. And he continued: "From that side, I found the interesting call for myself, as I was much more powerful,

I think it's interesting of the military for the program, because it gives me somewhere else. That's the biggest one that allows me. "And finally, he talked about the possibility of dancing with Gabo Usandivaras:" I'm going very well with Gabo, I promise him and I learned to know him this season. We went out and we were often frequent and we saw each other on the beach. I love dancing with him on stage and I have already told him. He is an amazing dancer and I would like to dance with him. "

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