Friday , August 19 2022

First impressions of the Samsung Galaxy S10: the 6 most outstanding cell phone features


(San Francisco, special denomination). After introducing the Samsung Galaxy S10, Infobae had the opportunity to try the S10 Plus model for a few hours. Here, a breakdown of the most outstanding features

1. The design: a larger screen and without a piece

He noted the bech or notch trend in mobile phones last year, after being implemented by Apple on the iPhone X. However, Samsung was different from the rest and decided to bet on the phone almost without frames, with & # 39; r Infinity O screen where the front lens has locked in a small hole or hole.

So he reached a mobile phone where the front is almost pure screen. The S10 has an exhibition 6.4 ", with a Quad HD + resolution (3040 × 1440), with a 19: 9 ratio.

2. The fingerprint sensor has hidden under the screen

Another novel that comes from the Galaxy S10 in all its models is that the screen integrates an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor that reads the 3D console of the finger with more detail than with 2D technology. Of course, you need to press your finger well on the display so that the sensor can identify the fingerprints.

The fingerprint detector that has hidden under the screen is something that integrates the latest Huawei or Vivo phones a few months ago and is likely to see this technology in brands others too.

The batteries grew in size to be able to respond to the growing demands that the teams have for the different functions that they integrate and for the requirements of users who use cell phone to do videos, watch movies by streaming or playing video games.

A S10 Plus battery is 4,100 mAh and a S10 battery is 3,400 mAh. To this we have to add that the layer of artificial intelligence has to integrate to the team maximizing energy efficiency. The mobile knows how to make the most of the operation so that the battery will last longer. The result is more independence.

4. The cell phone as a wireless charger

Another interesting fact is wireless charging and Power Share technology, as they call the wireless charging system.

With this function, the S10 can load other compatible devices. Just support the other phone, headphones or whatever on the S10 and operate the PowerShare function so that the Samsung works as a wireless charger.

The camera is usually the highlight of high-Samsung Samsung phones and the S10 is not an exception. As in the S9, it integrates a variable aperture: in the 12 MP wide angle lens, the focus opening is 1.5 / 2.4. It also has dual-benzene technology and an optical stabilizer (so that the photos go clear). The universal angle (123 degrees) is 16 MP with F 2.2 and the telephoto is 12 MP and F2.4.

The front camera in the S10 Plus is twice: 10 MP (F1.9) and 8 MP (F 2.2) and offers a 4K solution in pictures and videos. While in the S10 and S10 E, only a front camera of 10 MP (F1.9) is available.

The camera integrates several functions, including the option to record in slow movement (240 fps) and slow slower movement (960 fps). As in the previous issue, it is possible to create personal emoji and use it in a dynamic focus. But this last option adds a lot of variations: it is possible to choose the amount of disturbance as well as the desired blur style. They are added, so more options than in the S9.

In addition, there is recognition of optimized views: it now integrates up to 30 different options and has a suggested method, which offers framing and other issues.

The integration came with Instagram too. This means that you can create multimedia content to download directly from the social network of the camera's clothing.

The Galaxy S10 stands out for its power. They have an Exynos 9820 eight-core processor. The S10 Plus Works contain 8GB of RAM and 512 internal storage or 12GB and 1TB storage.

The S10 is not too far: it contains 8GB of RAM and 128 or 512 GB; Although the least in the family, the S10 E has 6 or 8 GB of RAM and 128 or 256 GB of storage.

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