Tuesday , January 26 2021

Find the effectiveness of arnica against colon cancer

Mexican researchers found that arica, a plant widely used as anti-inflammatory, was very effective against bowel cancer cells, the fourth most common in the world with 700,000 deaths each year., the National Autonomous University of Mexico (Unam) revealed.

The research is led by Daniela Araiza, PhD in Biomacromolecules Department of Biomedical Sciences and Guillermo Delgado, Department of Natural Products, at the Institute of Chemistry, says Unam.

Researchers have found that Mexican arnica derivatives have a toxic effect on cancer cells, the university said on World Cancer Day World Day against the Colon.

"Given that this disease can be promoted through chronic inflammation of the bowel, we are looking for molecules that prevent inflammation," Araiza explained.

The doctor explained that the study referred to analyzed the effect that these derivatives of arnica have on "transformative and metabolic level on rectal adenocarcinoma cells".

The intention is that these molecules “target” the tumor cells, explained in detail that current treatments with surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy have side effects to affect healthy cells and cancer.

This type of cancer is characterized by the uncontrolled growth of cells in any part of the colon or rectum.

It can start as a benign tumor of the name "adenomatous polyp" and become cancerous over time. Statistics from the Mexican Cancer Institute and the Institute of Public Health indicate that 95 per cent of these cancers start in the glands that produce mucus that protect the inside. the colon and the rectum, the adenocarcinoma as it is called.

"It's not known with certainty what it's causing, but it's closely related to the lifestyle, with genetic mutations or changes in the metabolism," says Dr Araiza. . Colon cancer occurs in equal proportions in men and women; people with too much weight or obesity, with little physical activity, said diet low in fiber and high in fat, meats and carbohydrates were processed.

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