Sunday , March 7 2021

Few prizes have low tonic cost | Martín Fierro de …

Argentine had his annual party yesterday. In keeping with the situation of the country, and the environment in particular, Martin Fierro's reward awards ceremony was a low cost, not only in its use but also in speeches and winners. This time, there was no controversial crossing or bright crossings like those that happened the previous year, but instead meeting the workers' lover of middle strike by the economic crisis that affects the different stations . Andy Kusnetzoff, animator Street dogs on Radio Metro, he was the great winner of the night, when he won the Martín Fierro de Oro and as the best driver. Cacho Fontana and Pinky received a sincere tribute to their careers, which was the most emotional moment of a night that, with a few exceptions, had a more strange celebration than a place to debate. The protagonist was a crisis of radio and workers.

"It's been 16 years since all of these people started with me Perros de la calle, now here, 16 years later, every day, holidays, holidays, never give me the best work Street dogs. I believe that she recognizes that. For all the radio operators that are there everyday. Hopefully next year we can meet in this party and we are better, there is less speech and more unexpected speech for opened media and employing. Radio is everything, it's our life" The words of Kusnetzoff, a golden gaucho beer came in hand, surrounded by all his team, ended a ceremony where Aptra members had the time to present prizes for almost every station. Radio Miter, with six, was the most awarded radio, although the five Metro formats were revalued because they had taken the gold. The five-storey network, Radio con vos four, was awarded both La 100 and Continental.

AC 750 Martin Fierro took for Behind what we see, chosen as the best circle of general interest in AM. "I want to dedicate the prize to the 3,500 colleagues who have lost their jobs in the public and private media, because this government has not exhausted their pockets but have void the word , "said Bernarda Llorente when he received the picture, He also thanked everyone who makes the 750," who succeeded in making a small radio a reference in information, debate and plurality. " "We are doing this program independently, we're relying on our subjectivity, in a way of seeing the world, seeing things from our point of view," Villarruel had stressed from & Previous.

As expected, the protests and complaints were also part of the broadcast broadcast by Net TV. "The context is not so much in favor," said Silvina Brandimarte, the last foreign magazine of last year. "I wish," he added, "that's better for so many radios." I accept the challenge of reforming our work, but there are very good radio stations in Argentina, so radio, Radio El Mundo and Rivadavia radio, such as minerals, will not disappear. The Network, which I carry in my heart, live radio, radio journalists long, and again that work of craft journalists will face face, beyond networks "The winning publishers Martín Fierro, Veronica Castañares and Ricardo Guazzardi also referred to the critical situation of some radio stations due to business mismanagement, such as Del Plata and Rivadavia.

The most emotional movement of the night was the joint tribute made by Aptra to Lidia Satragno and Cacho Fontana, presented by the great Hector Larrea, who again demonstrated why he is the best among the best. "We miss the listeners very much, they do not know how difficult it is away from this medium, which was so generous with us Today I'll say goodbye to & My audience, to say thank you is something so common, but here's the truth ", confirm Fontana. Larrea asked Pinky if she wanted to say a word. "How can I not want to talk if radio and television are the only places I've never been afraid?" The driver returned, earning the greatest night and night certification.

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