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© Reuters. – In what promises to be a week full of news, the markets will watch developments in the commercial talks between the US and China before the closing date on Friday and they will know that the state of economy of the world will be updated with the Thursday Report on the growth of the United States in the fourth quarter.

US President Donald Trump said on Friday, it was open to extend the closing date on March 1 to raise prices of $ 200 billion in products from China up to 25% as discussions between the two parties.

While trade talks are continuing, Trump prepares for his second summit with the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong One, on Wednesday and Thursday in Hanoi.

Data on gross domestic product for the fourth quarter of the United States will be published on Thursday. Publication of the report has been deferred by the Government's partial closure of 35 days.

Figures on consumer spending, the favorable inflation indicator of the Fed, are published on Friday. Other economic data to highlight this week includes housing promotions and building licenses on Tuesday and consumers 'and manufacturers' confidence on Friday.

These reports will attract attention, especially after the disappointment of durable goods, retail sales and the sale of built-up houses.

The emergence on the economic forecasts and financial policy plans of the president, Fed, Jerome Powell, on Tuesday and Wednesday, will also be central to attention. The January meeting's announcement of the Fed announced last week that the bank was experiencing disadvantage risks in terms of global growth, and at present some risk of keeping interest rates unchanged.

He dropped the dollar against the other big money on Friday in the hope that Washington and Beijing were closer to reaching a trade agreement.

He left 96,405 on Friday. The index closed per week with losses of 0.4% after raising more than 1% the previous week, offering unequal performance after different US economic data.

"Interest in risk has been defeated again in the market, which is down the dollar," said Alfonso Esparza, a senior market analyst at OANDA, in Toronto.

"Stocks and goods have risen as the dollar weakens and hopes, although the March 1 deadline is nearing, the new prices will not be implemented immediately," he added.

The euro remained stable against the dollar on Friday. The weak data recorded since January has pushed the support of the single currency, which was at 1,1341 level.

And they only have registered variations against the green, with the pair at 1.3052 and pair in 110.68.

For next week, has prepared a list of events that could affect the market course.

Monday, February 25

Bank of England's governor, Mark Carney, will appear in a deed in London.

Fed governor Richard Clarinda will appear in Texas.

Tuesday, February 26

The Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, and other financial policy makers appear to discuss inflation and economic forecasts before the Senate Treasury Committee.

The United States will publish data on building licenses and housing promotions as well as a user confidence report.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell appears to explain the semi-annual financial policy report to the Senedd Banking Committee in Washington.

Wednesday, February 22

New Zealand will publish its commercial figures.

Canada will reveal data on consumer price inflation.

The Chairman of the Fed, Jerome Powell, seems to explain the central bank's financial policy report for the second day in Washington.

The US will also publish data on the sale of built-ups and industrial orders.

Thursday, February 28

New Zealand will publish its business confidence data.

Australia will reveal its figures on private capital expenditure.

China will publish data from manufacturing and in-manufacturing sectors.

Germany will publish its preliminary data on consumer price inflation.

Canada will publish a report on product price inflation.

The United States will release its fourth quarter growth prospects, along with the weekly report on unemployment support applications and business activity data in the Chicago region.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell will appear at an event in New York.

Friday, March 1

China will announce its PMI Caixin.

The euro zone will reveal the revised figures on manufacturing activity as well as preliminary data on consumer inflation and unemployment.

The United Kingdom will publish its PMI manufacturing sector.

Canada will publish its CMC growth figures.

The United States will publish data on personal expenses and expenses as well as reading a basic GCE price index. The Supply Management Institute will close the week with the publication of its index of manufacturing sector.

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