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Fault in WhatsApp allows access to the conversations February 19, 2019


The error, in iPhone devices, allows you not to specify yourself to enter the message service.

To look after other people's eye, iPhone users could improve it WhatsApp Privacy: to enter the application they had to use a Touch ID or Face ID (or in other words, fingerprints or face recognition). Ideal, right? No.

Again, Facebook has security and privacy issues. User of Reddit found that she was able to access the service messages even if protected by Touch ID or Face ID with a simple game.

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All you need to do is share a file through WhatsApp but not at the moment. Let's explain it so that it becomes clearer.

WhatsApp said the Touch ID was compulsory to unlock the app, but not so.

You will capture an iPhone and have access to WhatsApp. You can not want it to ask you to unlock it footprint or surface.

Go to a folder and select any file, click on "Share". Choose WhatsApp.

The application offers four hours. If we choose "Instantly", we will not be able to enter the courier service. On the other hand, if we choose "After 1 minute", "After 15 minutes" or "After 1 hour"We will not have any problems: we can access the WhatsApp conversations.

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The security option with Touch ID on iPhone.

A spokeswoman for WhatsApp has already acknowledged the failure. "We are aware of the problem and a reply will be available soon. In the meantime, we recommend that people set up the option screen lock immediately ", he told Reuters news agency.

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