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Fariña stated that he gave details of Báez companies and their contact with Chronic Néstor Kirchner

Leonardo Fariña He confirmed this Wednesday that he was the Australian Construcciones company "basically Lazarus and he", referring to the ex-president of the deceased Néstor Kirchner and the laundering started ten days after his death by ordering the business business that is now a jail Lazaro Báez.

"The money channeling process I have had to take part in and that has been my case in this case starts after Mr Kirchner's death, a week or ten days later, as it is everyone knows on October 27 (2010). Kirchner, who raised me a question since this company was basically Lazarus and he, " He testified before the Federal Oral Court 4 that he held the oral experiment for money laundering.

The co-operative accused currently said – regarding the witness and alleged defense program – "With a death, I thought that my work in Australia was going to fall, something that did not happen ".

"I can send a post to Martin (Martín Báez, the eldest of the four Báez children) with sympathy to transfer to his father and on the days he makes me meet and he tells me to start with process of abolition of money, that was ten days after Mr Kirchner's death ", he says.

"Personally, I'll know the departure only between 25 and 30 million dollars in January 2011" As part of the money laundering movements that are now being tested, he told the court that he was convicted with Báez and four employer children, among other defendants.

He also held that the Constru Constructions, owned by Báez, as it is "main income" Public work with a scale of costs and debt "very high".

"Mr Kirchner's Báez rang, who told us that we arrived late and that the business was closed", for what he defined as his control so that the business had bought part of the Telecom company. "That's the end, which fell," he continued.

Fariña began to declare a money laundering as a result of crimes with public works contracts in the province of Santa Cruz.

He told him that he met Báez and his eldest son Martín, who said he was coming to be "reliable person", as well as taking part in the control of Austral Construcciones of the Banco Nación trust that is being questioned in the case.

He also referred to financial statements with situations "in black"and he said that's why "He made Mr Báez operations."

"Extensive part of the company's income of the commercial line was extracted and the work was still being awarded, it was necessary to justify leaving the white currency to the black circuit, and for that reason, there were costs and were produced " confirm Fariña.

"They resisted and the circuit continued, then it became a ball that increases and increases"he added.

He also mentioned about "lying prices" for the work presented and extensions of work time limits as part of the inconsistencies achieved.

Former husband of the model Karina Olga Jelinek, had met Báez through another client, who traveled to Río Gallegos, aged 23 or 24, to start working in the financial aspect of Austral Construcciones.

"So far, I did not have any kind of addresses of what was Austral Construcciones, for me it did not represent any kind of known company", had to explain before the magistrates. He also noted that things started "call your attention" in 2010, like the "high costs" the company and the level of debt, which generally got the Nation Bank through overdraft.

"Báez was a very nice, kind person", he said about the moment he met with him, when they ate a barbecue in the business region, at Río Gallegos.

He noted that Báez tells him "fleet refurbishment and truck purchase" without "more than new projects ", but he did not have a line of funding, which is why he needed his services.

In this trial, Báez is accused, his four children, Fariña, the financier Federico Elaskar -missively extended to the audience-, the accountant Daniel Pérez Gadín and the lawyer Jorge Chueco, for money laundering products from illegal profits Néstor Kirchner business friend group companies with work in Santa Cruz.

The former president and parliamentary Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is investigated by the case investigator judge, Sebastián Casanello, which set out a lack of merit (without sufficient elements for a ruling), a judgment that is being reviewed at the Federal Appeals Court of Buenos Aires.

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