Thursday , July 7 2022

Facebook and new data breakdown: it's not surprising or not relevant


In the last hours, a new investigation i The New York Times that revealed, after analyzing 270 internal document pages and producing evidence of more than 50 employees and ex-employees, Facebook Share user data with more than 150 companies.

Netflix, The Spotify, The Apple a Microsoft are some of the companies that benefit the data from the social network. In particular, they focus on the viability of conversations Facebook which allowed him to share songs or recommend a series, but also to access it private messages from users.

Anyway, Axel Marazzi journalist specializing in technology – argues that Facebook At any time, it is illegal selling consumer data. What can happen is that they have poor care.

Antonio García Martínez journalist of the prestigious Wired technology magazine, described in a series of tweets in his personal account "From the NYT's own reports, these contracts are legally in force, but it seems that an external partner does not use data access in a meaningful manner. Without the business context or the correct product, the data itself seldom will be worth a lot (although you could feel eager to protect it). "

Business of Facebook It is based on optimizing your own data. And that data is provided legally by the users. Every time we accept it "Terms and conditions" we call it when opening an account, we are leading to a collection of personal information.

Part of the confusion about what happens with data occurs when an update of those conditions arises and the user starts to lose & # 39; The record that enabled or was enabled with this new update.

Facebook is the digital platform that collects more data: full name, address, telephone number, real-time settings, personal relationships, work, income levels, education, ethnicity, religion, data biometrics Facials, political orientation, calendar, search history, etc.

Crossing that data is what allows a algorithm decide which advertising is the one set for your profile and thereby maximize the return on the investment.

The legal consequences that can be obtained Facebook they rely on each of the jurisdiction in which their platform exists. It's not the same thing Argentine law that y States United that's what European Union. Each will be more limited or less limited in deciding to take legal action against the company.

Marazzi ensures that these days Facebook It is trying to take the necessary precautions to protect the personal data spread of the user to the fullest and it is successful.

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