Wednesday , June 29 2022

Fabián Cubero at the back of the semifinal Mica Viciconte: "I did like the house *


Mica Viciconte He came to the semifinal to face on the track Sofi Morandi a Julián Serrano, but despite giving everything in the dance, the public vote decided to stay out of the final.

Fabian "Poroto" Cubero what She went with her love very close, and despite being smiling and confident before the cameras went out, Ángel De Brito succeeded through portraising Instagram discomfort of the football player.

When asked if he was having a good time, Cubero said unclear: "No, like you *".

Then, with Mica Viciconte being erased and outside the final finish of the dance, the football player was dissatisfied and stressed: "He was very enthusiastic, angry. If Julian was not inaccurate, Laurita was not going to give him a vote through the night".


Mica Viciconte thanked everyone for the support in this Dancing but in her speech she left someone out of purpose

Insanity, reflection and comfort: the reaction of Mica Viciconte after being abolished from the final of Dancing

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