Saturday , November 28 2020

Extra Daily – Facebook receives data on menstrual circles and other heart rate apps

San Francisco, United States. (EFE) – Facebook Accept automatically and without information for users, "sensitive" data has been reversed in other applications such as menstrual circles, heart rates or body weight, according to an investigation published this Friday by the newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

The article published in the newspaper in New York states that "millions of smartphone users admit their secret secrets to applications that are not aware that these data are split into many cases Facebook"

The collection of data from the social network is done through a software tool that has integrated into thousands of applications of the "App Events", which allows developers to record user activity and i send i Facebook in seconds in seconds.

This happens, according to the investigation, even in those cases where the person using the phone does not use the application through the social network or does not have an open account. Facebook.

The newspaper found "at least 11 popular applications with tens of millions of downloads" that automatically send users data to the social network, including an Instant Heart Rate: Human Resources Monitoring, The biggest application used to measure the heart rate in the Apple iOS operating system.

It also makes the same Flo Term and Ovulation Tracker, an application with 25 million downloads that share with Facebook Information about the menstrual cycles of the users and tell them when they have shown an interest in being pregnant., on the other hand, informs Facebook of locations and prices of real estate advertisements the user has consulted, as well as those that have been marked as favorites.

Companies' main interests when sharing data with Facebook is that the social network offers analysis tools to application developers that produce statistics on consumer activities and enable them to get more effectively addressed through online advertisements.

After publishing the investigation, Facebook acknowledges that "some of these data" may cross the regulations governing the relationship with their customers, which states that applications should not send " sensitive "for consumers such as health or financial issues.

The company was undertaking Menlo Park (California, USA) to ask these applications "to give the best to share information that their users could consider sensitively."

The Mark Zuckerberg-led company has been bent by a number of scandals associated with consumer data privacy management in recent months, which has significantly reduced its public image.

The biggest argument that he must face Facebook In March last year, when it was revealed that the British Cambridge Analytica consultation had used an application to collect millions of data from Internet users of the platform without their permission for political purposes.

The company used data from the social network to develop psychological profiles of voters, who probably sold among US President's current president Donald Trump campaigns during the 2016 elections.

Months later, in October, Facebook He admitted that hackers would bring personal data from 30 million accounts.

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