Thursday , February 25 2021

Excitement, protests and claims: the most outstanding speeches of the Radio Martín Fierro Awards

The awards ceremony Martín Fierro de Radio, which is hosted at the Sheraton Hotel, has transferred different emotions. As well as Héctor Larrea He was sensitive and committed his friend's friend and colleague award Cacho Fontana, The Cristina Pérez He left a strong message about the violence after incidents and the Survey, a Bernarda Llorente He talked about the country's economic news.

"I meet people I know and people of old protection, such as Riverito. 50 years ago I started Very fast and APTRA today awards program music that I have to do. I want to commit this with so much thanks Cacho Fontana ", said Larrea, having received her traditional for the best musical program, was happy and excited about her recognition.

When he saw his colleague, he added: "What do you do, Cacho, an old man? Let's go to the radio with you! Cacho and Carrizo came to poetic and artistic lets to the radio. "

One of the most outstanding speeches of the night was Cristina Pérez, when he won the studio for the best evening news program in AM, for the Mitre radio program, Confessions: "I do not want to miss the opportunity to say as a journalist and citizens of this country that the problem is not the problem, The problem is that violence and politicians who promote it to achieve a tax ".

"Politicians who do not condemn violence and when they have to stop acting ineffective or sinic, because the violence did not start on Saturday, it was always with us when it comes to football. Also with the stones in the Congress that very few come out to condemn. We have to improve that, because a society that is experiencing the economic crisis in peace and democracy, and it's a long way ahead of its leaders, "said the journalist.

On the other hand, Silvina Brandimarte, best mobile winner: "The context is not so much for me, I want things to be better for so many radios. I accept the challenge of reforming our work but there are radios of level Very good in Argentina. Do not let radios disappear. Radio El Mundo and Rivadavia radio, like minerals, La Red radio, which I carry in my heart. Long live the radio, the radio of journalists, and again that work of art journalists will face-to-face, beyond the networks ".

Bernarda Llorente, who won the best everyday program of general interest in AM, for the circle Behind what we see, next to Claudio Villarruel, he gave one of the strongest speeches: "I want to dedicate the prize to and 3,500 colleagues who have lost their jobs in the public and private media because this government not only wiped out its pockets, it has void the words ".

Ricardo Guazzardi, winner of the best work in a male voice: "My radio area, Rivadavia, allows me to stand with my colleagues, I left Rivadavia, after many years, nobody left me. Some councilors said they were getting fast on the media, they say they want to be communicators, and communicators have no. Today, Continental finds me home with all the members and I feel very comfortable. "

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