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Everything was true! Jeep and Gladiator launched to rise around the world

Just a week ago, a bug on the Jeep website revealed its many anticipated new model, the Gladiator, a medium-based collection based on the legendary Wrangler.

Now, from Los Angeles, the United States, the brand that belongs to FCA, did what we all knew officially. However, it is worth reviewing every aspect of the product from the official Jeep press department.

If everything goes as planned, and the Argentine market is helping, the Jeep Gladiator will be available in the country in the second quarter of 2019.

Next, official Jeep press department.

Jeep Gladiator 2020: The most able medium collection in history

Chapel 4×4, a genuine design built on the precious heritage of Jeep pickups, class load capacity and abstraction capabilities, intelligent functional solutions, flexibility, advanced and efficient machines, freedom to drive outdoors, and a sense of intuitive technology and security functions.

Los Angeles – The new Jeep Gladiator 2020 – the most able medium size collection in history – has built on the rich heritage of difficult and reliable Jeep choices, takes pride in an uncomfortable combination of utilities, genuine Jeep design, free outdoor treatment, functionality intellectual and flexibility, the best consignment and the abstraction of the capacity of the class, avant-garde and an efficient engine, advanced road dynamics and off-road handling, and a set of advanced and innovative technology and security components.

"Unique, pickup and immediately identifiable as Jeep, the new Gladiator 2020 represents the latest vehicles to prepare all kinds of outdoor adventures," said Tim Kuniskis, who is responsible about the Jeep brand in North America..

"Everywhere, we have found an exceptional interest in such a unique vehicle, from our loyal customers and collection buyers. As a rich and proud series of hard and reliable Jeeps caps, the Gladiator combines soundness, practicality and flexibility, leading to the most able median collection in history, "he added.

The new Gladiator 2020 provides unparalleled off-road capability with the best carriage and abstraction equipment in its class, excellent driving dynamics and security for all passengers. Jeep's legendary ability is achieved thanks to the Command-Track and Rock-Track 4×4 systems, a third generation of Dana 44 axles, front Tru-Lok front and rear electronic locks, exclusive Track-Lok slip, unique stabilization bar & 39; n being disconnected electronically and 33-inch tires off the road.

Jeep Gladiator 2020 is available in 4 different finishes: Sport, S + Sport, Overland and Rubicon.

Built in Toledo, Ohio, The new Gladiator will reach Jeep dealerships in the second quarter of 2019.


The new Gladiator 2020 prides itself with a solid design and a scanner that can be spotted immediately, thanks to the features of traditional Jeep identity.

The design team has run the seven Wrangler bar bar grill this time more widely to increase the airflow and assist the engine, an important feature with the increase in the abstraction capacity. The upper part of the distinctive gray is lightly rejected to improve aerodynamics.

The Overland and Rubicon versions offer, as an option, LED headlights and fog windows that give clear white light and add to the modern image of the Gladiator. Vehicles with LED equipment also have daytime running lights that form a halo around the external perimeter of the lights. The frontage signs are located at the front of the trapezoidal competitors.

In the back, the traditional square lights have optional LEDs and they expand the back door to facilitate the loading of objects in the pan. It has the back door, with electric lock, cushion and three opening sites.

When designing the tray, special attention was paid to intelligent functional solutions and space rationalization. The lighting under the box rails, the external power supply cover (400W 115 volt and three pin pin) and strong integrated moorings are some examples. The optional Line load control system provides new new options for locating and arranging transported objects.

The spare tires support has to locate under the box, behind the rear axis, and can include tires up to 35 inches.

The protective coating of the pound with Bedliner, lodgers and cover offers complementary options to transport the load and increase the useful life. Gladiator Rubicon incorporates solid rock barrier bars.

The windshield has a design with four lock hooks located in the upper part of the frame to facilitate and accelerate the folding operation. A crossbar connects pillars A and remains stable, even with the downscreen of the windscreen. This allows the rearview mirror to continue to be in operation at all times.

The two-part side-guards in the body's color include a lower black aesthetic insert that gives a higher profile to the Gladiator. This element comes standard on the Overland and optional versions on the Rubicon.

The sports bars are the body's color and welding become standard in each of the Gladiators and integrates the links for the front passengers.

The soft Sunrider premium roof, unique in this segment, shows a simple opening mechanism and helps to reduce noise caused by the wind. With her in the middle or open full, you can go to the inside easily. It has a number of fasteners that slip on a railway to simplify the movement of the back glass.

Gladiator Overland and Rubicon share the hard option in three parts of body color. There is another option of black hard peak, also in three pieces, available for each finish. The Free modular and closure modular panels facilitate the decomposition and installation of the roofs. They also have a back window that is slides by hand.

Dozens of different combinations of doors, roofs and winds offer almost endless configuration possibilities.


The new Jeep Gladiator 2020 interior combines unique style, flexibility, comfort and intuitive use. High quality materials and detail workmanship are increasing along the cabin.

The center's console inspired by the rich heritage Jeep presents a clean and quilted design that supports the table and looks at a different finish depending on the different versions of the Gladiator. The panel has a hand-held, standardized tool panel on the Overland version and is available as an option on the Rubicon, containing soft surfaces with contrasting stitch. Functional elements such as climate and volume controls, USB ports or the Stop-Start (ESS) system button are designed to be quickly recognized and can be accessed promptly from the front sites. The round boundaries of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system have been surrounded by a chrome boundary that gives it a premium and solid appearance at the same time.

The center's console is a memorial to Jeep's practicality and flexibility. In contrast, the accents in metal give him an elegant look. The console includes the change selector and the transfer case and the parking breck. The lever gear, sheets and screen display screen use real screws, highlighting the use of genuine manufacturing methods.

The button starts with waterproof design becoming standard on all Gladiator 2020 and is easily accessible to the driver.

Fabric or leather seats have drowned dolls and have controls to adjust a clear and lumbar support. Other comfort elements such as front seats and a steering wheel are also available as an option.

The back seats are new and unique to the Gladiator. They are manufactured with high quality materials and give it a athletic image without sacrificing comfort and comfort. In addition, the second row of Gladiator cabin seats boasts the largest common room in the segment and a unique lockable design that allows to secure the objects under these . The back seats can be folded, forming an apartment face that facilitates access to objects placed at the rear of the cabin and provides more space for large objects if necessary.

With the seats being folded, the LED lights on the back panels illuminate the storage space behind the seats. Two nets on the back wall of the cabin provide extra space.

Other practical solutions for the transportation of objects in the Gladiator 2020 include solid door mesh pockets and a number of areas dedicated to the storage of mobile phones.

Back seats can also be folded in the "chairs" situation that reveals a container that serves to store different objects under the seats. As an option, a lock shutter can be added, a very practical solution for the storage of objects safely when the doors or the roof have been removed. This lock container has two different sizes that correspond exactly to the 60/40 configuration of the rear seat row. Similarly, up to five separators can be added to configure the load according to the needs. The lock is the same as the condition of the center console and the glove box.

A container for screws under the seats provides a safe place to store when the roof, the doors are removed or the torchwynt will be folded. On this cover, the corresponding number of screws and the correct way to setup are indicated.

The driver and passenger door panels, which have been covered in a vinyl, are soft to touch. The Lift-Assist handbook under the doorstep has a pulling cup design that facilitates the dismantling of the doors. Elements of comfort include out of passive access system with remote access.

The instrument panel plays an 3.5 inch or 7-inch LED screen with a thin film tractor (TFT). The 7-inch LED display allows the driver to configure the information displayed in more than 100 different ways, including music, tire pressure control, low pressure warning and digital speed indicator. The buttons that have been integrated into the steering wheel allow control of the audio, voice and speed system without taking the hands of the steering wheel.

From 7 inch touch screen, located in a prominent location in center consoles, the Uconnect disconnection system is activated. The fourth generation of this system accepts improvements in the user interface, improving the performance of the system with faster startup speed and better screen resolution. The lower functionality of the screen is functional elements such as climate controls, volume controls and USB ports. The 5 inch touch screen becomes standard on the Gladiator Sport.

Unique in the Gladiator Rubicon, a front camera allows you to visualize the obstacles to the ground. After installing a seven-bar Jeep grill feature central slot, it can be managed from the Off Road of the Uconnect pages.

There are two USB ports and one USB-C in the front and two others are within reach of passengers in the second row associated with the "multimedia" center. Towel prick outlet, 115-volt for bending electrical appliances is available as an option.

Improvements to the audio system include a subwoofer and portable wireless speaker having to locate under the back seat. LED lights on the internal panels illuminate the space that is intended to be stored and the power station for the wireless speaker. A net on the left hand side of the cabin rear wall provides an additional storage space in case the Gladiator has the subwoofer and the wireless wrench.

Advanced and efficient mechanics

During the launching period, the new Gladiator engine will be powered by a single engine: the well known 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6. In 2020, the V-6 3.0-liter EcoDiesel engine will be added to the line.

3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 injan

The Pentastar V-6 3.6 liter engine introduces 285 horses and 260 feet of bark and characterizes the Start Stop system (ESS) as a standard. It is designed to provide a wide range of torque, with a particular emphasis on the bark on low reviews, an essential aspect of extreme off-road driving.

A 6-speed hand transfer becomes standard on all models with a V6-6 3.6-liter Pentastar, while an automatic speed transfer of 8 speeds is offered as an option.

Known for its refining, power, efficiency and flexibility, FCA has produced more than 8.6 million Pentastar V-6 3.6 liter machines since its launch in 2010. This family is currently being produced from prize machines on three floors. : Trenton Engine Complex in Michigan, Mack Avenue Engine in Detroit and Saltillo South Engine in Mexico.

Jeep Gladiator 2020 benefits from a well-known torque on low reviews of this V-6, something that is very necessary in 4×4 paths or when land conditions become tired (for example, when carrying on operations or carrying heavy cargo).

3.0-liter V-6 Eco-diesel engine

The V-6 3.0-liter Eco-Diesel engine will be available early in 2020. This machinery, which provides 260 horses and 442 lb-foot torque, is offered standard with the Start-Stop system (ESS ) and automatic transmission. 8 speed have been modified to control the increase in torque.

US FCA engineers have adapted the machine designed and manufactured by FCA EMEA – in order to comply with the strict NAFTA emission regulations.

The V-6 EcoDiesel engine uses turbocharging technology to refine with low friction pistons, designed to work at low speeds and in bridging situations where immediate response is required. Low friction pistons improve fuel efficiency and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The advanced combustion system has new spray duct, piston cover and glow plugin with integrated combustion pressure sensor. The empty gas recycling system (EGR) has cooled on a low pressure combined with a high pressure system to expand the range of EGR usage and to improve fuel economy.

Automatic transmission of 8 speeds

The new Jeep Gladiator 2020 offers an automatic speed transmission of 8 speeds in each version that allows it to make the most of its performance in the way it is off-road and the power to be introduced in a smooth and efficient way at the highway speed.

The new Gladiator's new automatic transmission offers an effective driving experience and immediate response. If you are traveling to work during the week, or on off road adventures or weekend shipment, drivers will enjoy the supply of linear, smooth and improved fuel efficiency.

A unique set of two overdrive ratios (overdrive) improves the highway fuel economy and reduces overall levels of Noise, Vibration and Hardness (NVH, for its acronym in English).

After specially adapted to the requirements of Gladiator Rubicon, the eight-speed transmission provides a 77.2 crawl ratio: 1. The 4×4 performance and abstraction ability benefit from a first gear ratio of 4.7: 1 together with a final transfer ratio of 4.1: 1.

Hand transfer six speeds

All Jeep Gladiator 2020 models will be equipped, as a standard, with a 6-speed hand transfer. This transformation has a unique design with optimized tool ratios to increase the incremental ratios (crawl ratio) and a cable drive that eliminates the vibration of the utility and promotes solid isolation.

This shift modification gives more detail and a more comfortable situation. With a ratio ratio of 4.41, it provides more fuel efficiency at high speed and offers rapid acceleration based on light, precise change and quality.

The most able collection in history

The new Gladiator 2020 provides legendary ability off Jeep road thanks to two 4×4 advanced systems. The 4×4 Command-Track system is standard on the Gladiator Sport and Overland, a 2 fast transmission case with a final 2.72: 1 ratio for the reduction toolbox and with the third generation of front and back dana Dana with ratio of 3.73 for the rear axle

In the Gladiator Rubicon, the 4×4 Rock-Trac system incorporates a third generation of front and rear backup Dana 44 performance and a decrease (4LO) with a final ratio of 4: 1. As a standard, the ratio of the front capsules and back is 4.10. Also, Tru-Lok's electronic cover differences are standard.

The Rubicon Gladiator offers better expression and ride banned with the help of an electronic decodable stabilization bar, a unique element in this segment. With the 6 hand speed standard hand transfer, the Gladiator Rubicon gains a striking creative ratio of 84.2: 1. With the transfer of 8 speeds automatically is 77.2: 1. Both systems allow you Easily overcome any obstacles, but it may seem complicated.

The Track Track and Rock-Trac system offers permanent torch control, allowing optimal intervention in low abstraction conditions.

The restricted Trac-Lok slip in the Gladiator Sport and Overland provides extra torque and interference in low-slip or slippery landscapes, such as driving on sand, rocks, snow or ice.

Each Gladiator vehicle displays a "Trail Rated" badge thanks to the legendary Jeep 4×4 ability performed with elements such as the following:

The Command-Trac 4×4 system with a final 2.72: 1 ratio, standard in the Sports and Overland versions

The 4×4 Rock-Trac system with a 4: 1 final ratio and an electric Tru-Lok differential lock, standard on the crankcase RubiconProtector versions and the front and rear hooks pull

In the Rubicon, a backbone bumper outside the road and optional protection with winch support and removable covers

Attach angles of 43.6 degrees, ventral 20.3 and leave 26, and land clearance of 11.1 inches

17 inches offensive wheels; The Rubicon tire version has a 33 inch series. Up to 30 inches high in wading. Up to 7,500 lbs. of pull capacity and 1,600 lbs. or charge.

The proven scanning design is the basis of Jeep's legendary 4×4 value

The Jeep Gladiator 2020 uses multiple solutions to optimize handling, dynamization and sound features, while encouraging a fuel economy during removal and loading operations. Through a sysis plan of strings and crorasflies, and a five-arm surplus system, the Gladiator meets the capability expectations along with a good driving dynamics on the road, the security of the holder and the Ability to draw best. and load your class.

Gladiator chassis uses advanced materials and engineering that helps to reduce weight without losing strength and stability. It contains a lightweight, high-strength steel frame that, compared to the 4-door Wrangler, is 31 inches longer. The wheel pipe is also a larger 19.4 inches, which, together with the center of the box slightly behind the middle of the back axis, provides better weight distribution, more comfortable trips and more confidence when carrying loads in the box. The transmission system, braking, fuel system and cover system ducts have been extended to meet the necessary changes that make the design of the well-known strands and crosseshes perfectly fitted The most useful media collection of the story

The traditional steel pan uses four crosses to reinforce the load floor, while the rear door has a cushion aluminum and three opening sites. The box reflects the commitment to utilities and flexibility that we have seen in the cabin thanks to integrated connections, internal lighting and an indoor external power supply option.

In order to protect critical components – the fuel tank, transfer case or oil pan of automatic transmission – Gladiator uses four plates and safeguards. The Rubicon versions also benefit from installing lateral protective bars against high quality tuberculosis rock to mitigate the potential damage caused to the body when traveling on off-road tracks . This version also displays unique rock protection rails in the four corners of the box.

The use of lightweight high-strength aluminum locks – including doors, hinges, hoods, ditches, wind frames and windows – helps to reduce pressure and stimulate fuel economy. The Jeep engineering team has also reduced the weight by incorporating empty lead and stabilization bars, and engine brackets and aluminum steam carriers.

The Jeep Gladiator uses the proven 5-brake detection configuration, with the front formed by a side control arm and four longitudinal control arms. Full width, made of oven steel bars, control the axle axis movement with a minimum angle change during the entire travel of the suspension.

The 5-loop backbone, a unique Gladiator element, contains two upper arm and two lower in fake steel for longitudinal control and a guide bar for the control of the transformation of the axis. The control arms have located below the sewing rails, while the back shocks are directed forward to provide comfort, damping, constant travel and better load management.

Chocolates have been adapted and show the best possible balance between driving on the road (either downloaded or unloaded) and off-road efficiency. Improving comfort, body balance control, driving dynamics and loading and subtraction capabilities are enhanced with the help of new damp settings, civil hardcodes and prevention mounts.

Angles of an assault of 43.6 degrees, ventral 20.3 and exit 26 and a distance of 11.1 inches, allow the Gladiator to go anywhere.

The Gladiator also benefits from up to 30 inches of wading height and up to 31,600 pounds of cargo capacity and 7,650 trailer capacity (with the optional Max Towking Pack to incorporate).

More than 80 active and passive security options are higher

Resident protection and protection has been key aspects of the new Jeep Gladiator 2020 development, which is reflected in the more than 80 active and passive security components available. These include the monitoring of blind spaces, Cross Cross Path sensor, road front camera, ParkView backyard camera with dynamic grid lines, adjustable cruise control and electronic stability control (ESC). English) with anti-discharge mitigation electronic.

Fourth generation of the Uconnect system that provides advanced technology

The new Jeep Gladiator 2020 offers three Uconnect (Uconnect 5.0, 7.0, and 8.4NAV) systems with communication, entertainment and steering functions that satisfy the wish of any driver or passenger, including a full LED LED panel panel, liw.

The Uconnect system contains easy to use features, improved processing power, faster start times, and touch resolution screens with high resolution graphics.

New Apple CarPlay and Auto Auto functions

The new Gladiator Jeep is available with Uconnect 7.0 or 8.4NAV systems that incorporates new features of Apple CarPlay and Auto Auto.


The new 2020 Gladiator Jeep is being produced in Toledo, Ohio, where Jeep vehicles have left the production line since 1941. Specifically, on the South Complex Front of the Assembly in Toledo, where it was Wrangler JK is manufactured until April 2018. This southern plant, also known as the Toledo Supplier Park, was built in 2005 to launch an innovative manufacturing concept, which suppliers' partners build and carry out key manufacturing processes fully integrated to the space of the plant and, therefore, in the production process itself. The US FCA will use the same production system for the new Gladiator that works directly with two of the original suppliers, Kuka and Hyundai Mobis, Responsible for providing the body and system, respectively. Production is expected to start in the first half of 2019.

The productive abilities for the new collection were created by moving the latest generation of Jeep Wrangler's generation to the northern part of the Toledo Assembly Complex as part of the 4.5 million dollars industrialization plan aimed at adapting the production of & The company is in the United States to expand the Jeep and Ram brands. The US FCA invested 700 million dollars to modernize North Wales plants and incorporate more than 700 new jobs for the production of the new Wrangler.

A rich heritage of raising a hard and reliable Jeep

The new Gladiator 2020 is the latest expression of a long tradition of Jeep gips dating back to 1947 when Willys Overland launched the collection of one-wheel drive of one tonne based on the CJ2A. Having inspired by more than 40 years of valuable heritage, Gladiator is the latest in a series of lifting vehicles that include:

Pick Jeep: 1947 – 1965

Collection with a 118-inch wheel rack that received a few changes. This was Willys Overland's first attempt to diversify the JeJ brand of CJ.

Jeep FC -150/170 Raised: 1957 – 1965

Essentially, this series of Jeep Forward Control (FC) vehicles was work vehicles, with an 81-inch wheel basin for the FC-170 and 103.5 inches for FC-170. They had a few changes during their life cycle, although some of the 1959 and 1960 models include mobile front and rear axles and some of the CC-170 add dual rear wheels and hand transfer.

Jep Gladiator Series / Series J: 1963 – 1987

Similar to Wagoneer, the Gladiator was analyzed in 1963 with 120-inch (J-200) or 126-inch (J-300) of wheelchairs and with a transfer case Dana 20 and Danish Dana 44 axis. The name Gladiator was removed in 1972.

Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler: 1981 – 1985

After launching in 1981, the Scrambler in Jeep was similar to the CJ-7 but with more wheelchair. It's called internally like CJ-8, it was available in hard and soft roof versions. There were less than 30,000 units built and today it's very popular with collectors.

Jeep Comanche (MJ): 1986 – 1992

Based on the Cherokee platform and corresponding equipment, he received the 6-foot box box in 1987. The latest models included 4×4, Selec-Trac and Command-Track removal systems.

Mopar / Jeep Performance Parts

Mopar will offer more than 200 new Performance Perep parts accessories and redesigned to new 2020 Gladiator Jeep adapters since its launch. Mopar products will include lifestyle related and box-shaped accessories such as box covers or protective caps, parts designed to improve performance such as lifting equipment, lighting off on the road, side shields or wheels, among other accessories only developed for the new Gladiator.

Mopar parts and accessories for the new Jeep Gladiator are guaranteed to a factory and are made in close collaboration with the Jeep brand and product design and engineering offices, dedicated to over 10,000 hours of development, testing and verification. The most strict factory standards have been used to integrate, in impeccable manner, the parts and accessories Mopar in the new Gladiator and offer an adequate installation and a top quality finish that takes into account the minimum detail, color, texture, appearance and line of each product.

About the Jeep brand

With the backing of an important legacy of over 75 years, Jeep is the real manufacturer of off-road vehicles with capacity, quality and unique versatility in his class for those looking for extraordinary trips. The Jeep brand invites drivers to live their lives to the fullest, offering them a full range of vehicles that continue to give their owners the security of being able to deal with any trip with total confidence.

The range of Jeep vehicles is composed of Cherokee, Compass, Grand Cherokee, Renegade, and Wrangler models. In order to cope with global demand, all Jeep vehicles sold outside of North America are available with both the left and right hand side and are offered with gasoline and diesel engines.


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