Friday , August 19 2022

Everything about pneumonia: who should be vaccinated and expert advice


In Argentina, the pneumonia this is the sixth cause of death in general and the fifth case in people over 60 years of age. The disease develops when an infectious germ overcomes the lung tissue, through three different pathways: through an aspiration of the nose or pharynx, by breathing or through blood. The most common bacterium that causes pneumonia is the pneumococcus (Streptococcus pneumoniae) and, among viruses, the most common is flu

To fight against pneumonia in adults, it is necessary to know its frequency and its real impact in a region. The ability to count on this type of information allows public health strategies to be grounded primarily in prevention.

Vaccines save thousands of lives every yearbut many adults are still not vaccinated. If you avoid a virus or bacteria infection, which may be fatal, not enough incentive to receive a vaccine, this is one other reason: the economic effect of not taking the appropriate measures to prevent them.

Pablo ElmassiaMedical director of medical infections FIDEC Armenia said: "We have vaccines and people should know that they are safe and effective to prevent pneumonia, they should know that this disease can be prevented." You have to consult your doctor, especially those over 65 years old who are accustomed to being vaccinated against flu Some years ago, the Ministry of Health incorporated into the calendar It is a mandatory national requirement that all people over 65 receive it.

The expert added that “for people under 65 with chronic diseases – cardiac, respiratory, hepatic, metabolic (diabetes) – or with other conditions, such as smoking or alcoholism, are part of the group that are at risk. developing pneumonia and severe pneumonia and should receive the vaccine in the same way. "

On the other hand, the infectious medicine doctor and president FUNCEI, Daniel Stamboulian He explained: "This vaccine has been added to the National Vaccination Calendar for children, in general, all children under the age of two receive it and it is basic because this individual application has reduce 38% of hospital outbreaks due to infections and it is very important to have the risk factors someone can get, the over 65s always apply it along with; The flu or the flu. "

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