Wednesday , June 16 2021

Eva de Dominici said she had been abused by a director

The young actress, Eva de Dominici, ensured Friday that a director who died was abused when she was.

The actor delegated Friday on television 16 years suffer "Abuse of power" on behalf of a director who has already died, who offered him drugs and asked him to take "after turning" pictures.

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The actress, 23, made her weeds by video broadcast by the TV program "Wizards", Where he did not give the name of the director.

He said that the defendant pulled her to her production company, who offered him offer drug use, known as "Flywing", and asked him to have it pictures "in tits" for a camera test for the movie.

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After that day he kept saying it deliberately and I repeated her to her I should be "grateful" for the opportunity he was giving him. He also said that he had never told his parents because "I was afraid they would collect a fatal quilombo and lose my work."
"I have realized the abuse of the power of an adult towards minor in a working environment, natural disturbance and disorder," said Eva. "Today, after what happened on Tuesday, if this producer were alive, I would delegate it," he added.

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