Thursday , August 18 2022

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Hairdressing in a union
His name is Exequiel Lucero, who is 18 years old and lives in San Carlos. After learning that her dad was well-known in the neighborhood for her co-operation, she decided to continue with an example. For this, he carried out a campaign: he offered to cut litter in return for a box of milk, said the Mdz portal yesterday.
Quickly, its offer spreads through social networks. And surprisingly, the help did not come up. Many people attended where he works as a stylist to support his case and others work with an enterprise without needing it. The truth is that all his example is compatible with everyone who has heard about it.

5G Technology
Samsung, Huawei and Apple are at risk of being replaced as smartphone leaders with the advent of 5G, says a study by Strategy Analytics.
The report Winners and losers in a 5G disturbance future warn that the current three mobile providers could see a reduction in their participation, as the 4G to 5G change can reorganize the list of level providers The first can cause disturbance to the supply chain.

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