Tuesday , January 18 2022

Eschatological Revelation Luciana Salazar: "If I'm not at home, I am in plastic cups"


The actor who admitted it PH We Can Speak His democracy ended and gave details of how he does before great forces.

Luciana Salazar in PH We Can Speak:

In PH We can Talk Luciana Salazar He continued and admitted that if he had to go to the bathroom, he could not go anywhere except his house. However, the model went further and everyone was surprised by saying that, if nature calls it away from home, it has an unusual way.

"I'm half obsessed with those things, if it is not in my house, I do not go in. Except I'm in an emergency, but I do not sit on the table, 39; I'm really sorry, I stopped or sometimes in glasses, "she said, laughing. .

"When we are in places where no bathrooms or bathrooms are not very clean, I have a very reliable friend who brings me plastic cups, then I'm throwing them away and they no longer use them. "

"When we are in places where bathrooms or bathrooms are not very clean, I have a trusted friend that brings me plastic cups, then there is a # 39 ; Take them and throw them away, "added Luciana. "My friend is taking the glasses to the bathroom and then thrown into a sink. She is my best friend, she's not a bad thing, she's like my sister. the cup of plastic. It's thrown away and used no longer, "he said.

"No. two I do not make a house outside, I can stand it. I've spent 12 hours in an airplane that did not go to the bathroom, "it came to an end.

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