Friday , August 19 2022

Epic Games delete advertisements on YouTube to avoid pedophilia


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<p>On the serious side of video games news, <strong>Epic Games</strong> has decided to delete its pre-register ads that appear before the videos <strong>YouTube</strong> after they discovered that their advertisements appeared on videos that encouraged the exploitation of children and even pedophilia.</p>
<p>When a company wants to create advertisements and advertising in <strong>YouTube</strong>, your system algorithm chooses which videos the ads should appear in the search history of the users and the interest of the target audience. The whole has based on labels in the videos, the history of the user and other factors that the engineers of the company know are perfect.</p>
<p>In the case of video game firms advertising, their ads can appear in industry videos, as well as other topics that include videos that focus on children's audience, such as toys, clothes and other hobbies. after their age.</p>
<p>There is a content creator of the name <strong>Matt Watson</strong>, discover that there are multiple links to children's abuse pages and communities in the videos that contain children. All this is despite the fact that the videos themselves are harmless and that they did not have anything to do with what was stated in the comments.</p>
<p>After learning about it, a number of companies include <strong>Epic Games</strong> have decided to withdraw their advertisements <strong>YouTube</strong> until a reply is submitted. Representatives of the video portal have confirmed that they delete suspicious accounts and they are looking for how to avoid that that is happening in the future, but with the millions of hours of content that is # 39 ; n being uploaded daily on their platform, it's something that can take time to regulate.</p>
<h6>Source: The Verge</h6>
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