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End of the mystery: the new Game of Thrones will arrive in April 2019 – 11/13/2018


Through video with the most important moments in the series, HBO announced when final octavas and final chapters will be released. Game of Grounds, the world-wide success fiction, based on George R.R.'s novels. Martin.

April 2019 is the date selected for the last term replacement, which will only be six heads. Here is the shortest supply of the video, taking into account the seventh contains seven chapters and previous ones, of 10. Although a critical fact needs to be considered, the chapters will be more time , including over 80 minutes.

"Every fight, every betrayal, every risk, every fight, every sacrifice, every death, all for the throne," Here is the message that was compatible with the video with the announcement, increasing the expectation of all the fans of the series.

"HBO had a generous budget, but we know that what we were offering was not generous enough," said David Benioff, who created the series with D.B. Weiss, about the possibility of presenting the end of this story with a movie saga.

HBO did not accept this offer, but he spent the budget for the whole term, therefore each of the last six headings will cost around 15 million dollars.

As usual, Little and nothing that knows officially about the new episode of the chapters Game of Grounds. But some actors have given their opinion to know the end.

Jon Snow and Daenerys, the key characters of the medieval series. Press the HBO picture.

Jon Snow and Daenerys, the key characters of the medieval series. Press the HBO picture.

"It was overwhelming, I felt anesthetic, I had to go for a few hours", at Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) for the time she read the script first.

"It was having a huge impact on me," said Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen), who, as reported, had to run home as soon as he got the email with the curtains, such as He could read quietly, alone and with a "cup". o de in your hand. "

Surely, the end will be as stunning as Sophie and Emilia promise. At least, now the fans know how much longer they should wait to start seeing.

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