Thursday , August 11 2022

Emanuel Ginbili: I have no abstinence


On August 27, 2018 Emanuel Ginbili He announced his retirement after 23 years at the Basketball. With 3 years of the National League, 4 in Italy and 16 seasons in the NBA, Manu built a great career. But at the age of 41, I decided to end the story that began in Baha Blanca, finding glory in the United States and reaching Olympus in Athens.

The former basketball player spends a free time enjoying his family, and of course, also rests. This Friday he offered his first interview this year for the Radahouse program, by Agustn Aristarn. The Bahiense took a break in her holiday to share with the local artist and share a conversation where she was totally relaxed, happy and sincere.

"Now I'm on holiday, I do not do anything, but when I'm San Antonio, I start at 7am, the whole family, we have breakfast, I've got it; I take children to school, I can go back and I'm going to train something, but this is not a bsquet, he started telling Manu, who added: " I'm not practically touching the ball since I retired. And I have no abstinence, to the opposite. For now, I want it all, far away. In fact, I played a bit in the garage, because my children like to play a lot, "said Gonbili.

That should be remembered since his retirement, Manu He did not have many media contacts, so he stunned his presence at Radahouse himself and strangers. "I want to have the freedom to make some trip to where I'm going, for now, I do what I want, when I want and where I am want, "said Ginbili.

Finally, the old Spurs analyzed the current NBA compared to what he knew when he arrived in Italy, in 2002. "My first year in the NBA was tremendous in coming to Know the show, then you'll be good practice, but they always add something and see the waist they have to make the show reliable, then you & # 39 ; n start surprise at opponent level, they are younger, faster, faster, stronger and throw "better." How can it be? And it's up to give you frustration, "he said.

"There is a good level of talent in NBA today, it's incredible what they can do, they're doing things that we did not think they could do from, see players like Curry, Durant, Embiid … They are animals. Fun, "it ended.

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