Wednesday , May 25 2022

ElectroFest: three days discounts on technology and equipment |


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be developing the first issue of ElectroFest, a national event in which the country's leading equipment and technology chains are involved, and discounts and payment plans will be announced in installments.

This was currently reported TV, tablets, washing machines, air phones, cell, notebooks, fridges, furniture, mattresses, bazaar and decorating items they integrate the list of products.

Y discounts and funding options It will be available in the physical branches, telephone sales channels and on the websites o Cetrogar, Fravega, Garbarino, Megatone, Musimundo, Ribeiro, Aloise, Casa del Audio, Compumundo, Hendel a Naldo.

The products that integrate the supply of the rechargeable chains will count in those three days with the possibility of sending them to home or retirement in the country's pins.

More information, on the event's website.

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