Tuesday , January 26 2021

Elections 2019: Mirtha Legrand wanted to beat Cristina Kirchner with a question that reveals Macri

El Trece's leader consulted a journalist about the possibility that someone accused could be a candidate, but he forgot how the President assumed him.

February 3, 2019

The ultramacrist television regulator Mirtha Legrandshe was tired because a leader accused of the Justice for investigating suspected offenses could be an election candidate. The consultation was made to the journalist Hugo Alconada Monday, refers to Cristina Kirchner although he did not name it. It is worth mentioning that Mauricio Macri has taken a job in 2015 and with more than 200 court cases.

"A person who is legitimately justified can be a candidate?" Legrand was launched by Alconada Môn responding to him: "Every person is innocent until a judge says guilty and with a final ruling. "

When Macri took office on 10 December 2015, he was suggested in the case of illegal realization, and the federal judge Sebastián Casanello rejected him at the end of that month.


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