Saturday , July 2 2022

During the weekend, 8 new salmonella cases were confirmed in Salta


In the The last four months, 38 salteos were diagnosed with salmonella, the last 8 were confirmed during the weekend. This was noted by the Epidemiology Co-ordinator, Griselda Rangeón.

"Since September, the province has received notices from public health organizations, we have received 30 cases up to Friday from September to date. And this weekend we added another 8 cases," he says. Professional FM

In this regard, he noted that Samples were taken in the last week in patients from San Lorenzo, Campo Quijano, Cerrillos, Molds a Capital and are positive for salmonella paratyphi.

"It's a bacterium that causes headache, stomach, lack of appetite, which can add a high fever over 39 °, which will be continuous, finally more than 36 hours in general It may not be accompanied by diarrhea or vomiting. These patients, which we have notified, have gone through diarrhea and this salmonella related to receiving food, "He explained.

Similarly, is removed as bacteria in the water because the cases are not compiled in one place. "Generally, salmonella presence is associated with food consumption, where adequate prevention measures have not been taken or are not sure," he said.

To avoid it, the doctor Good hand hygiene is recommended during handling, not washing eggs before it is stored in the fridge, but only at cooking time (salmonella is present in the skin), avoid eating foods containing raw eggs or uncooked so also cut meat and vegetables in the same table.

"Another important thing is cook food well, completely higher than 71th, they must be cooked and well red and also we have to remove the food in the fridge and after that we can not restore it, we can not leave the preparations for more than an hour at room temperature, especially in the summer, "he said.

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