Tuesday , November 24 2020

Due to the rain, the party between Students and Workshops is at risk

Students from La Plata and Talleres de Crdoba They have organized their game for Sunday at 7:20 pm at the Provincial Stadium located on streets 25 and 32 in the city of La Plata. All light jobs are at risk to the game, and if it is not fixed, it will be stopped.

As well-known sources of the Nico Stadium to the half-city of the liners. The strong weather recorded in La Plata and the constant rain that does not stop since the afternoon threatens the comparison between the Pincharrata and the T.

In terms of the game, the team's cordobs coach said he was playing with most youngsters, thinking about the rebuilding against Palestino of the Libertadores Cup. It's worth remembering that the game ends between 2 and 2 in the first leg, and in Chile it will face again next Wednesday.

Enzo Daz is able to play tomorrow, as it is being suspended due to the collection of yellow cards in the Libertadores Cup. In turn, Gonzalo Maroni appears on the list of 19 players who focus and see if they are.

The guardian Franco Fragueda and the midfielder Carlos Villalba of the reserve are other players who will be part of the team.

In summary, training for workshops can have Caranta; Renzo Paparelli, Javier Gandolfi and Enzo Daz; Leonel Rivas or Joel Soora, Federico Navarro, Fernando Jurez and Fernando Bersano; Mauro Ortiz, Iau Arias and Diego Valoyes.

On the Estudiantes side, Leandro Bentez's referee can count on middle-middle referee Rodrigo Braa, defender Facundo Snchez, and Ivn Erquiaga and Ivn Gmez. In turn, who can not play is Matas Pellegrini youth, one of the highest points on the team during the Premier League.

The possible team if the game is played is Mariano Andjar; Facundo Snchez, Jonatan Schunke, Franco Jara, Ivn Erquiaga; Nahuel Estvez, Rodrigo Braa, Enzo Kalinski, Manuel Castro; Lucas Albertengo to Mariano Pavone.

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