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Due to a lack of agreement, the "anti-gang law" will not be discussed today as Deputies – 06/12/2018


It looked complicated, and it was. For lack of consensus with the text and after many join and go, decided the Chamber of Deputies deferred this afternoon the law debate to fight brave bars for a session on Tuesday next 18. This was confirmed shortly after the body's 18 headquarters, Emilio Monzó, presiding & The incredible session began at about noon, with the treatment of a dozen enterprises.

The original text of the project was sent by the Executive to the Congress, following the scandal of preventing the Expert River-Boca. President Mauricio Macri announced the intention to legislate the law before the end of the year, and to that end Enable the treatment of the subject exceptionally.

But the text has been created many suspicions and observations still in Cambiemos. When it seems to fall definitively, the president of the Criminal Legislation Commission, the radical Gabriela Burgos, made an effort to obtain consensus. But he did not arrive.

Many deputies talked about the difficulties in dealing with this project as a project that is considered complicated.

Changes accepted to introduce a number of changes, which reduce penalties – according to the latest version available -, releasing the offenses. This last version is much lighter in punishing or tolerating the violent ones of violent football, the managers and football players.

In the next few days the legislators will try to reach an agreement. The Senedd will meet on December 12. If Deputies give a half penalty to the anti-gang law on the 18th, the highest house should meet again, and the incredible running of up to 21 on the call by a presidential decree. Very fair times for the specific treatment that the Government intends. The law will not come out this year.

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