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Doll Talk with Sosa Boy – 12/20/2018


Before the afternoons afield, Afon was first practiced in Abu Dhabi, after the attack with Al Ain. It was close to the magnificent hotel where it is set, at the Armed Forces Stadium. Here you can come there by car, crossing the thousands of roads and highways in this capital of Emirates.

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In the small stalls, the highlights were the ten Japanese media covering the Afon activity, which will be on Saturday at 10.30 facing Kashima for a third place. For Japan, it's very different to Millo, who dreamed of being able to cross Real Madrid and now think more about the return. At the end of the training, Gallardo spoke several minutes with the boy Santiago Sosa, who came in the Cup getting in against Racing. In one of those, can the 20-year-old playground play with the Asians? DT likes a lot and he has a great bet. And the trainer will take these hours to assess how his players define those who are going to play on Saturday at 10.30. The first indication is that he had only had a conversation with the child. It's just a sign.

First and Sosa for the River

Nod S. Sosa (R) Lanús 1 – Afon 2. Date 7. Superliga 2018/2019. Video: TNT Sports


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