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Do we use only 10% of the brain? This and other legends about the operation of the mind

Y neurosciences He had a strong sense in recent years scientific disclosure he's referring. And this allowed to abolish some of our beliefs about the brain and its potential. It is believed that for example, one hemisphere is responsible for logical and other creative tasks, or for example, you could have a telepathy or explanation power.

"We live in a world of constant confusion between what's really and what's not, this is a magical minded society, with mood beats, with a silly fake," said Francisco Mora, neuroscience doctor . Oxford University and author & Myths and truths of the brain & # 39 ;.

Next, three broad stories.

1) The brain allows to read the mind, move objects or future speculation

There are some who believe that some people can read the thoughts of others (telepathy), future speculation (clairvoyance) or removing unwanted objects (telekinesis). These abilities derive from magical thinking, fear and fraud. "It does not exist no good study has good documented in solid research, using the scientific method, which approves these mental powers in the human, "said the neuroscience.

2) The correct hemisphere is the creative one and the left hemisphere of the logical one

It is believed that there are tasks that match right hemisphere and others to the left according to your presumed ability. It is believed that this is because the right part is creative and artistic, and the left is logic. "The brain has to divide the two or a half parts, the hemisphere, one right and one on the left, but do not operate separately, but vice versa, both are physically and functionally linked, through a band of nerve fibers, known by name corpus callosum. The brain operates generally because of the constant transmission of information from one hemisphere, "said Mora, throwing the myth.

"The existence of talents and abilities is more closely related or selective for the maths for that art, or towards the sciences against letters, is in line with the functional superiority of one or the other hemisphere, but with the performance of the final function of both hemisphere and interaction with the family environment and & # 39 ; the culture in which they live. ", The teacher argued.

3) Only 10% of a brain uses

This must be one of the most common myths. "Both in her anatomy and in the number of roles that he expresses through the life of the individual, he needs his complete integrity," said Mora. If the myth was true, What could be justified, biologically, of all that waste of resources? Because, as well, the human brain is an expensive organ; Very much to maintain: its weight is only 2% of the total organism, but it needs to use 20% of the total oxygen that we breathe so that the energy needed for its production is produced. maintenance With these buildings, is it possible to think that evolution is as soon as allowing that huge spending of energy to be as useless and permanent? "

For Mora, the fact that this belief persists is also hiding "scary interests like Potential sales of ways that can help us reach, without too much effort, using a higher percentage of that incredible potential. "

Another myth: 25 years ago, published the Science paper magazine where it was announced that pre-university students who had listened to the Mozart piano sonata for ten minutes increased their intellectual ability temporarily in a significant way. The work has had a huge impact on the public, and thus the birth of "the effect of Mozart"Later, it was shown that the study was wrong, it was only sold by Mozart CDs and, in fact, any stimulus can help in such seconds.

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